The breeding value for OC gives an estimation of the genetic quality of a horse in comparison to the average of all KWPN-horses. Osteochondrosis (OC) is a common disease in joints, where a disturbance of the ossification from cartilage to bone can cause defects.

The DNA-test can be performed with the help of a hair sample, which is normally taken by the KWPN employee that draws the outline of the foal and places the microchip. Outside the Netherlands, the hair sample can be taken by a veterinarian. For most older horses, KWPN has a hair sample in her archive. After applying for the DNA-test, the hair sample will be looked up. If it is not available, we will contact you to discuss the following proceidure.

Why D-OC Now?
The D-OC test is very valuable to gather a lot of information about the genetic health status of your horse. It is important for the future: do you want to keep the foal for breeding of sell it for sports? It is important to know if a horse breeds healty horses, not just for breeding but alsof or sports. With the D-OC test, you can assess and select in a quick way. With testing the genomic breeding values, the selection against osteochondrosis is more efficient, less expensive and more reliable.

Applying For The D-OC Predicate
You can easily apply for the D-OC predicate online. As of this year, the costs for the genetic breeding value test for osteochondrosis (D-OC predicate) were lowered to 163,50 euros (including VAT). The DNA-test will be performed with the help of a hair sample and you can expect the results of the test 4 to 6 weeks after KWPN receives the sample. The result will be published in MyKWPN. A keur mare that receives the D-OC predicate, will be automatically become elite.

Advantages D-OC
The advantage of the D-OC test compared to the PROK examination is that you can already perform the test on a foal. The result of the test can be taken into account when you decide to keep the foal for breeding. The D-OC predicate says something about the hereditary predisposition of a horse, the PROK predicate says something about the X-ray status, which can be influenced by factors besides genetics.

Discount D-OC Test For Foals
The DNA-test and D-OC predicate are available for dressage and jumper horses of all ages. When you appy for the test at the same time as registering your dressage or jumper foal, you don’t pay 163,50 euros, but only 150 euros (including VAT). The discount is valid until the hair sample for DNA testing on parentage is sent to the laboratory. 

€ 121.30 per year

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