Anemone Horse Trucks is the place where many people go to for a new or used horse car. These horse cars are offered from stock, but can also be custom made. Many variations are offered and the service is definitely the most inportant at Anemone Horse Trucks. Bert van Kooten is the director of this company together with his son, Stefan van Kooten, and Bert is also a friend of the KWPN!

A token of appreciation for the KWPN breeders and mutual networking, that is what the Friends of the KWPN stand for. But who are affiliated with the Friends of the KWPN and what is their link with the KWPN breeding?

Bert van Kooten is not only affiliated as a Friend of the KWPN, but he has also taken his role as a board member of the Friends of the KWPN. Bert is a man of three things: binding, fascinating and keeping. “The breeders need to be supported, that's the basis of the Friends of the KWPN. Breeders should be rewarded if they have bred a successful horse. Piet Peters certainly contributed to the actual creation of the business club. The idea was still in its infancy. Minne Hovenga was keen to contribute from the General Board and Arnold Kootstra pulled the car from the inspectors. We had a flying start, but soon we got a flat tire. Minne fell ill, then Arnold died and last month came the sad news that Minne had also died. ”

Sport deserves attention
However, the first breeder premiums were awarded at the KWPN Stallion Show. “It is great that we can reward the breeders at the KWPN Stallion Show, at the KWPN Championships and at other events. After all, it's the breeders' party there, and it should be! In this way they remain enthusiastic to continue to breed their mares. Despite the delays of the death of two top executives who helped found this initiative and the corona crisis we are currently in, the next step is to look at more breeder premiums in sports too. At the moment the Friends of the KWPN are mainly focused on awarding breeder premiums at the inspections, but the sport certainly deserves attention.” This year, the KWPN Stallion Show presented breeder premiums to the premium stallions, the winners of the Anemone Horse Trucks Stallion Competition Dressage and the Blom Stallion Competition Jumping, the champion and reserve champion of the harness horse stallions, the winner of the Oregon Trophy and the horses that compete in have placed the top 3 of the WBFSH ranking. Later this year - subject to the events going on - they will award breeder premiums to the breeders of the winners of the Pavo Cup and the Blom Cup, the top 3 of the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses as well as the top 3 of the World Championships for Young Jumping Horses and the World Cup Young Eventing Horses. Only KWPN-bred horses are eligible for a breeder premium. "It is up to us as the board of the Friends of the KWPN to see how we want to do that, because the foundation is there to make / keep the breeders enthusiastic and, above all, to reward them."

The start of Anemone Horse Trucks
Anemone Horse Trucks exists for 25 years in 2021. “In 1996 we started designing concepts for the safe transport of horses that makes rider and horse happy. We started this step by step.” Anemone Horse Trucks was the first company to start selling horse cars from stock. "We have expanded this concept more and more and refined it in line with the market." In 2000 a new building was built in Scherpenzeel and a showroom was built where people could choose their copy. It was not without a reason that our slogan became: 'Buy today, drive tomorrow'. In the meantime we serve customers all over the world and we have adapted our slogan to: 'Your mobility partner in the equestrian world'. ”

Service as a sign
In 2004 Anemone Horse Trucks entered the Middle East for the first time. “We wanted to see where the market was for us and also to increase the sales market. We have grown step by step and we now have customers all over the world. Central America, on the other hand, is a difficult part to find sales in, because we cannot register cars there. Customers from America and Asia did come to us. We responded to this and founded the company "Anemone Horse Carrier", where you can rent horse cars. " Anemone Horse Carrier has expanded to and has added larger horse cars to the range. “We have a wide range of services to relieve people in leasing, buying and insuring. The service is our banner. ”

Collaboration with KWPN
Bert is not unfamiliar with the horses, but how did he come in contact with the KWPN? “I have horses that I ride and breed with. So there is an interest in breeding. That's how the collaboration with the KWPN started. ” In 1998, Bert stood on behalf of Anemone Horse Trucks for the first time with a stand at the - then still - KWPN Horse Days. “I think we are one of the longest standing exhibitors. Jan vaandrager - the founder of Wivaldi - visited us at the time and talked about JongKWPN. We have been supporting JongKWPN ever since, because they are the breeders - and our potential customers - of the future. JongKPWN is very important, because the average age of the breeder is getting older, so it is important that we stimulate the youngsters. ”

Passion for breeding, studbook and association
In 2009 Bert van Kooten took a seat on the board of the Utrecht Region. “I love the passion for breeding, the studbook and the association and I would like to do my best for that. In 2016 I became chairman of the Utrecht region and from the chairmanship I joined the Council of Members. Thanks to the fun and hardworking people, we were able to put together a fine board in Utrecht.” Around 2010 we then started a group with the Holland Horse Foundation. For the KWPN it was important to make the brand better known in Asia, India, Mexico and Russia, among others. The Holland Horse Foundation came to an end, but as an extension of this we founded the Friends of the KWPN in December last year. In 2017, the then chairman came to us with the question whether we - Anemone Horse Trucks - wanted to become an Official Partner of the KWPN. We felt that we should return our growth and rewards to breeding and sport, which is why we responded to this question. In short: we do a lot with the KWPN and are happy to contribute! ”

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