Besides all auctions both domestic and foreign, it seems there is still a big interest in the KWPN foals. With 22.000 euros, Phedra (s.Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve) had the highest bid in this edition. Besides that 80% of the foals were sold.

After an exciting bidding duel, a bidder from Greece won the dual. The filly is from the direct damline of several 1.60m horses, like the former Grand Prix horse Up Chiqui (s.Quidam de Revel), who was ridden by Kent Farrington. 

''It is amazing to see these great amounts, that people pay within the Online Foal auctions. The auction platform brings a lot of international visitors who know how to appreciate the KWPN foals. Besides that it is also good to see that some of the foals remain in the Netherlands.'' said spokesman Wim Versteeg according to the sales team. Tonight 80% of the foals were sold and thereof 75% will go to foreign countries.

Tonight buyers from Belgium, Greece, Estonia, Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania, Spain, United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland, and the Netherlands became the owner of one or more of these foals. The Apardi son, Pardi, became the second most expensive foal. He remains in the Netherlands for 8.000 euros. For 7.500 the Grandorado TN filly, Palady van de Baanse, was sold to Sweden, the Allstar colt, Pjetro, has found his new owner in the United Kingdom for 7.000 euros. The average price per foal in this fifth edition was about 5.000 euros. 

Collection Online future Dressage Foal auction 
Are you looking for an interesting and well-moving dressage foal? The go to the first collection of the online future Dressage foal auction, which was launched this afternoon. Fifteen foals of young dressage stallions were selected and are looking for their new owner. This collection will be auctioned on Monday 21 September. Keep a close eye on the KWPN website for more information about this unique collection. 


Photo Phedra: Anniek de Wit

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