A special and new cooperation among several stallion keepers has resulted in a very unique auction collection. On Monday, 21 September, fifteen selected future talents by young dressage stallions will go under the digital hammer!

“A nice step for the KWPN's online auctions, in which breeding and talent come together even more,” asserts Wim Versteeg on behalf of the sales team. Wim's remark refers to the fact that each prospective auction foal is not only selected for type and movement, but also selected for the additional criterion of being an offspring of a young KWPN-approved dressage stallion. This category of sire is defined as a young stallion which was approved for KWPN breeding in the fall of 2016 or later.

Win-Win Situation
“We're putting these talented and genetically interesting young KWPN stallions in the spotlight by organizing this special auction. We're doing this together with several stallion keepers who offer young dressage stallions. In many instances, they're partly involved with selecting these excellent foals so that they in turn can be the calling card for the respective stallion,” says Versteeg of the win-win situation.

Collection Online 14 September
The collection is presented, the bidding begins on Friday, 18 September. The auction closes on Monday, 21 September, from 8PM. The course of the new auction is similar to that of the now well-known KWPN Online Foal Auctions. “All the foals were also evaluated by a KWPN inspector for correctness and underwent a veterinary clinical examination,” explains Versteeg. In addition to these basic requirements, which are used for all auction foals, this collection has been selected for type and movement; therefore, the foals are very interesting for both sport and breeding.

Renowned Mares
Among the interesting foals is Pluvius. Every dressage enthusiast knows the Small Tour mare Oronia (s.Jazz), the dam of superior dressage horses including the former international Grand Prix horse Vontango-B (s.Contango), ridden by Madeleine Witte-Vrees; and the KWPN-approved stallion Don Tango B (s.Contango), who competes successfully in the Small Tour. This summer, he contributed to the team bronze medal at the European Championships for Juniors. In this auction, the colt Pluvius (s.Livius) is related to Oronio, who is a full-sister to Pluvius's dam Zannou B.

The Olympic dressage horse Just Mickey (s.Michelangelo), ridden by Finland's Tinne Vilhemson, is closely related to one of this auction’s foals: Part Two. In fact, Just Mickey’s dam, the renowned Ulster daughter Dolly, is Part Two's (s.For Ferrero) great-granddam. Other notable Dolly offspring include the international Grand Prix horses Dolman (s.Lord Leatherdale) and Meggle’s Boston (s.Johnson).

Unique Collection
“We're convinced that, together with the stallion keepers, we've put together a unique collection.  The auction platform has a wide reach both domestically and abroad so that, in this way, we can acquaint the equestrian world with the offspring of future sires,” concludes Versteeg.

Photo: Anniek de Wit

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