Paul de Blaauw is the director of Delta Horses: a software supplier of the most extended registration platform for studbooks. Paul de Blaauw and Delta Horses were one of the early birds of ‘’Friends of the KWPN’’! ‘’The friends of the KWPN is a great development, we all know a sustainable future for breeding is better for both horse keeper and breeder. An important job of the studbook is to stimulate the breeders to start breeding sustainable, by the friends of the KWPN we can support this job. Without breeders, there is no studbook and without a studbook, there are no clients for our registration platform EQUIS.’’ said spokesman Paul de Blaauw.

‘’I got to know Piet via the Welsh-studbook and now he represents the KWPN. Via Piet, I have been asked to join the friends of the KWPN. Since the connection between a studbook and our registration platform EQUIS is very strong, this was a good reason to join the friends of the KWPN.’’ said Paul de Blaauw. Joining the friends of the KWPN was a way to get in touch with others for Paul de Blaauw. ‘’This is a part of my network. Due to the cancel of many big events, physical networking was impossible, and know there is still a possibility to network. Besides that, I like to support the initiative, since it has a good influence on breeding, but also for the studbook. It is simply a great initiative to get the breeders involved even more.’’ concludes Paul de Blaauw.

Registration platform for studbooks
Even though Paul de Blaauw is involved at Delta Horses, EQUIS has been mentioned a few times. How is that? Delta Horses is a software supplier who supplies the registration platform for studbooks as mentioned in the introduction. This registration platform is called EQUIS, which is used by studbooks worldwide, including the KWPN. Paul de Blaauw is the director of Delta Horses and Max Becherer represents Delta Horses internationally.

Over 90% of the Dutch horse studbook registrations
In 2001, the basis of EQUIS was formed commissioned from the Royal Friesian Horse studbook (KFPS) by an ICT company called Softhouse. A database was created to register pedigree data and obtained predicates via inspections. The developments from this ​‘’simple’’ platform to the extended web-based platform were soon made. In 2010 Delta Horses was founded, an aggregation of the equestrian activities from Softhouse, CRV, and Media Primair to gain and share more knowledge in animal registration. This aggregation was set up to develop a new and improved online registration and knowledge platform for studbooks. Currently, 90% of the Dutch horse studbook registrations go via EQUIS, including all horses that are registered via KWPN, KFPS, NRPS, KVTH, NMPRS, AVS, and the association of the Groninger horse. Besides that, Horse Delta is an emerging international supplier of animal registration. Implementations have been carried out in both in and outside Europe: among others (central organized from the government) studbook registrations for all seven horse studbooks and cattle in Luxembourg and North-America. Last year, they also have become a partner of the WBSFH. The WBSFH is the federation of all sport horse studbooks worldwide, the federation is the most important connection between breeding organizations and the international equestrian sports (FEI).  

Future of the EQUIS platform
Currently, the team is working hard to develop an even more extended online application called Horselink, by using this platform international data exchange of identification data will be made possible. Access to knowledge to members and breeders is getting more important, such as international access to breeding data of animals, traceability of genetic material, and published background information like multimedia channels. Consecutive of the Horselink, a member application is in development. Besides that, the team is working hard for an integration possibility between EQUIS and other systems that are used by studbooks. Via this integration, a collaboration between studbooks and the standardization of studbook processes will be supported by us. Last year we already launched an EQUIS user application to get this process started.

International market
‘’The coronavirus has taken us all by surprise, by being automators we are fine by working on distance. Therefore we strive to have a minimum office occupancy. If necessary, we do have meetings in small groups, but otherwise, everyone will work from home. Of course, our business has adapted our office according to the RIVM guidelines to create a safe space.’’ At Delta Horses there is much group work. ‘’This makes it necessary to meet each other. Delta Horses is operating on the international market, which normally results in many trips. However, due to the circumstances, our last trip was last January, and currently, we notice the market is accepting the fact that these trips are not even necessary anymore.’’

Do you want to get to know more about the Friends of the KWPN? Visit the special page about the Friends of the KWPN and get to know more about breeders’ premium, the other Friends of the KWPN ,and watch the videos and photos of the breeder premium awards.

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