The KWPN website was updated based on user-friendliness, findability, and member service. Among other things, is now easy to find.

At the homepage of, many of our services we have are brought together. From now on, the Livestream from our events will be directly visible on, like some featured videos. In the top menu, you will find a button to click on, which will directly navigate you to When logged in at the KWPN-website, there is no need to log in again when switching to

Database accessible by everyone
Currently, the KWPN database is made public, all information categories (such as offsprings, performances, or genetic profile) are now open to access by everyone, without having to log in. All information is verified and therefore reliable, and contributes to the promotion of the KWPN horse. ‘’The KWPN database is one of the most visited pages from the KWPN website, but most information was only accessible by members. By opening access for everyone, we want to stimulate further use.’’ Said KWPNdirector, Piet Peters. KWPN Marketplace will continue with a different name, which is KWPN horses for sale and is also updated. Among other things, it is now possible to extend your ad by three months, and the newest advertisements will be visible on the KWPN homepage.

KWPN director, Piet Peters, continues: ‘’The KWPN website offers much valuable information to our members and other interested parties. User-friendliness is then the most important, which means the upcoming months more updates are scheduled. That is why, soon, the homepage will be updated, within this update, the most visited pages are taken into account. Also, the breeder's platform will be created, in which, among other things, the horses and breeding products from a member will be shown, but also the horses for sale, and featured horses will be shown. Besides that, we are busy developing a stallion advice programme, to help members in making a stallion choice, considering breeding values, and available information from the KWPN Database.’’.

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The KWPN (Studbook of the Royal Dutch Sport Horse) is a Netherlands-based organization specializing in the breeding of jumpers, dressage horses, harness horses, and Gelder horses.

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