To offer all KWPN stallions a national and international stage, the recent months we have worked hard to give shape to the online variant of the KWPN Stallion Inspection: everything can be followed live via our website. Although we have to miss the atmosphere of Den Bosch and the spectacle of the physical event this year, the online program offers a wonderful alternative for all equestrian and breeding enthusiasts.

In this special time, when many events are being canceled, the KWPN allows the inspection activities to continue, if possible. The municipality of Ermelo has permitted for the KWPN Stallion Inspection to take place in a slimmed-down form at the National Equestrian Center: without public, without the press, and without VIP, with a program that has been created in such a way that the flow of people is as quickly as possible. A large part of the show blocks is therefore already pre-recorded.

Presentation new year
This is also the case with the presentation of the new generation's approved stallions. Every year one of the highlights of the stallion inspection, which breeding enthusiasts eagerly look forward to. The last time the general public saw these stallions in action was during the KWPN Stallion Show in Den Bosch. In order not to deprive interested breeders of this opportunity, all dressage, jumping, and Gelderland stallions who are approved in 2020, are filmed in advance.

Older stallions
The older stallions from the G, H, and I generations of dressage stallions are also discussed extensively. The seven-year-old KWPN stallions that were selected for the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses have their own show block. The other stallions from these years show their skills in the program "The Road to Grand Prix". An interesting addition to the regular stallion inspection is that the riders are allowed to explain the progress of their stallions in an interview.

The stallions from the J generation will show where they are in their current training. This concerns eight just seven-year-old stallions, in which some of them are selected for the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses. The program offers more for sports enthusiasts, for example, national dressage coach Alex van Silfhout and his stable rider Febe van Zwambagt will provide an exciting clinic.

Annually, the KWPN Stallion Inspection offers space for the awarding of predicate stallions that have earned this predicate with their breeding performance. This year, this is also included in the program, just as the announcement of the Breeders of the Year.

Breeders premiums
It is now known which breeders have bred the most successful horses of 2020. The KWPN breeders are currently in the lead in both eventing and jumping. As many as four breeders earn a breeder premium because of the top 3 rankings of their breeding product. In recent weeks, these breeders had a visit to delight them with beautiful checks on behalf of the Friends of the KWPN. A nice interview has been recorded with them, which will of course have its own place in the program.

Studio interviews
The studio conversations, in which host Charlotte Dekker sits down with various guests, are quite extensive during this special online edition. The breeders of the brand new Horse of the Year 2020 from the breeding directions; dressage, jumping, and the Gelder horse, will make their appearance in the broadcast. Also, there are various discussions on breeding-related topics, the new breeding advice tool, and breeder pages are explained. Members of the General Board, the Breeding Council, and the Members Council will be present too. Do you have a question for these officials? You can send it in advance to, or ask the question live via Whatsapp.

Stallion competition
The stallion competition is normally the place where young stallions compete against each other. Because no competitions are currently allowed, on the 6th of February, there will be a show of four and five-year-old jumping and dressage stallions. Just like during the Blom Cup, the jumping stallions are individually explained about characteristics such as jumping and the way of going between the obstacles. The dressage stallions ride according to the Pavo Cup formula with two at the same time in the track and of course, an explanation follows. The Saturday program is supported by the fashion show with the new KWPN clothing line developed by our new Official Partner Onori, and of course also with an exciting studio program.

To ensure that everyone can follow the program properly, the connection is posted online on the KWPN website. Despite the corona measures, it promises to be an interesting breeding week!

From the 2nd  to the 6th February we offer you a versatile program during the Online KWPN Stallion Inspection. This year's premium stallions will be honored without a physical audience, but everything can be followed online via

Do you have a question for the General Board, Members Council, or Breeding Council? Mail it to!

Text: Steef Roest

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