It was stated in the January issue of the KWPN Magazine: Breeders pages are a new aspect of the KWPN Database. At breeder pages, those interested can view the performances of a certain breeder. 

The breeder pages can be found via a horse page in the KWPN Database. (The example in the link is the preferent KWPN-stallion Jazz, there you find the breeders page of late Huub van Helvoirt.) Subsequently you gain access to the page with a simple click on the name of the breeder or registered owner. 

Van Venrooij: “Many benefits”
According to Ralph van Venrooij, head of Breeding affairs, the breeder pages offer lots of benefits. Not only for breeders, but also for potential buyers and interested parties. “The KWPN has an incredibly large database, in which lots of information is gathered together. Through breeder pages this already available information has become even more accessible. Nowadays, the KWPN Database is public, which means that the breeder pages can help potential buyers to easily find talented horses that are still in the stables of the breeders.”

Increase visibility 
“In 2019 we held so-called breeder pubs where breeders expressed their expectations for the KWPN to be service-oriented. This also goes for information provision and sales promotion. In practice, it turns out that there is a gap between the will to sell foals and the number of customers that come visit them. We hope that the breeder pages help to put a spotlight on the breeders, making the individual breeder more visible and thus approachable.”

A problem familiar for many breeders: the breeding product is transferred to another registered party and the breeder wishes to stay up to date on any possible sport or inspection performance (and subsequent predicates). Previously, it was due to privacy regulations impossible to convey the details of the new registered owner. Within the breeder pages, the contact form (in an encrypted environment) allows for one question to the person concerned. 

Remain anonymous 
A member can indicate if he wants a breeder page via MyKWPN. This can be done via two options: the choice to display solely the horse they bred or the choice to show the horses that are registered to their name.  

Complete picture
As soon as a foal is registered, this automatically becomes visible at the breeder portal of the relevant breeder. Breeders do not have to put in any effort in keeping their pages up to date.
This morning, broadcasted an item covering the breeder pages. Charlotte Dekker spoke to Ans Kok and Marjo Dinnissen about the application of this new item in the KWPN Database. The January issue of the KWPN Magazine offers more information on breeder pages. 

Photo: Dirk Caremans

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