The KWPN Database has been expanded with another interesting addition. The Breeding Advice Tool is an online application to advise breeders in their breeding choices, specifically for their mare.  

All genetic information within the KWPN Database, such as data gathered from sport and inspections, pedigree information and information on the family of the mare are expressed in breeding values. Based on these breeding values, the optimal match is generated.  

Provide structure in overflow of information 
The Breeding Advice Tool is an idea of Rob Bergsma. This KWPN-breeder from Leunen, Limburg, is senior-geneticist at a major breeding cooperation. “I think the Breeding Advice Tool can provide structure in the overload of data the breeder has at its disposal. There is so much information available, both on the mares and stallions and their offspring. The human brain cannot comprehend all of it, tools are necessary to structure it.  

Top 20 
The Breeding Advice Tool shows a top 20 recommended stallions, scoring the stallions with a star system. The stars, ranging from zero to five stars, indicate to what extent the stallion can improve the mare, based on all available technical information. 

KWPN breeding goal match 
The KWPN breeding goal match indicates to what extent the stallion improves the mare in accordance with the KWPN breeding goals. This is based on the breeding values for conformation, health and most of all sports. Because after all, sport remains the most important breeding goal. In the breeding direction harness horse, he degree of kinship is given a higher priority.  

Match for specific characteristics 
The Breeding Advice Tool also illustrates if the recommended stallion is a match on the basis of specific characteristics for the chosen breeding direction. To what extent can this stallion improve the mare in individual conformation, jumping or movement characteristics? This is shown via plusses and minuses, scores varying from --- to +++. One stallion may very well score higher on the KWPN breeding goal match, but then concessions must be made on conformation. It is up to the breeder to take it into consideration and make a choice. 

How good is the devised stallion choice? 
Would you like to know if your intended pairing is any good? It is also possible to fill in an own stallion of choice. It will then be displayed to what extent this stallion compares with the ideal match. The top 3 of originally advised stallions will remain visible at all times.  

Foal report 
It is possible to download a foal report (in PDF), that includes a number of pages of information regarding the match. This foal report contains general information about the stallion and mare, information about the availability of the stallion, also the pedigree of the foal will be displayed, in addition to the expected relatedness and level of inbreeding of the foal and the chance of WFFS is explained. Noteworthy is that the expected genetic profile, that also covers the expected genetic aptitude for sport, conformation, movement and (for jumper and Gelder horses) the jumping characteristics, are also included in the foal report.  

The Breeding Advice Tool can be found in MyKWPN, by opting for the desired mare in ‘My Horses’. Below the menu ‘Actions’, that pops up on the right side of your computer screen, the Breeding Advice Tool can be found.  

In the February Issue of the KWPN Magazine, the Breeding Advice Tool is covered in an article.  

For more information and the program about the KWPN Stallion Selection, please visit the special page.

Photo: Dirk Caremans

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