Breeding values are a practical tool in making your stallion choice, bundling the genetic potential of a stallion. Breeding values are updated annually, and the information collected in 2020 is now also compiled in the breeding values. The most important breeding values are listed below; background information is available in the KWPN Magazine 1 2021 and on the website.

Breeding values for dressage 2021

Breeding values for showjumping 2021

Breeding values harness horse 2021

Breeding Values for Gelder horse 2021

These overviews include the most important breeding values, as well as extensive breeding values for individual traits. These can be found for each stallion in the KWPN Database under the heading 'genetic profile'. Breeding values for mares are also available in the KWPN Database, although breeding values for all horses must have a reliability of at least 30% to be considered for publication. Want to carefully select stallions for a specific breeding value? The KWPN Database also offers this option by selecting 'Breeding Values' from the search box.

This year, two changes were made to the breeding value calculations for jumping and dressage. Because of the specialization in both breeding directions, the breeding values need to be updated to better match the breeding directions. For example, all traits are checked to see if they are still equally inherited and if they have the same relationship to the main breeding goal: sport. As a result, studbook inspections and ability tests count for less in the breeding values. The second adjustment made is to include more pedigree information. In the breeding value calculations, the decision was made to expand to five generations. In practice, this does not have much effect on most horses which are fully KWPN bred. This is different for horses which are not KWPN-bred; stallions from young foreign lines, in particular, can have a significant effect.

Inbreeding tool
KWPN members can use My KWPN to further validate their stallion choice for their mare(s) by examining the results of inbreeding and relationship of the intended parentage. This convenient online tool is now available for the breeding directions dressage horses, harness horses, Gelder horses, and mares in the breeding direction riding horse, as inbreeding and relationship are points of attention in these breeding directions. With this inbreeding tool, you can easily see which stallions fit your mare in terms of inbreeding and blood distribution. The tool is available for mares which are at least 3 years old (or will be in the current year) and is available for the breeding direction showjumping as of mid April. Go to the inbreeding tool.

Online Breeding Advice
The online breeding advice is one of the options for making a well-considered choice of stallions. In filling out the form, you can indicate which mare you are interested in and a brief description of the mare's strengths and weaknesses. You can also indicate whether you prefer a young or a proven stallion. After adding a few photos of your mare, you will have sufficient information. After sending your application, it will be processed by the Inspection Department and assigned to a KWPN inspector.

Apply for online breeding advice.

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