Do you want to breed a foal from your mare for the first time? But what do you have to take into account? Which stallion will you choose and what is involved in breeding a foal? We have summed up everything for you.

If you want to have a mare covered, it is important that your mare is healthy and has no genetic problems. In addition, it is very important what kind of ideas you have about the foal. Is your goal to breed a future successor of your mare in the sport? Or do you want to sell the foal when it is old enough? Whatever your goal may be, it is important that the stallion choice matches this goal.

No matter what your ultimate goal is, it is always wise to look at your mare's pedigree and characteristics. What line does your mare come from, what are the sire's characteristics, and what do you know about her mother's or great-grandmother's children? What are her strong points and how could your future top horse be better? What is the mare's character, is she always in the mood for work or could she be a bit sharper? Of course you want to breed a healthy foal with a good and willing character. If you want to use the foal for a certain sport, such as dressage or jumping, it is important to select the stallion for that purpose.

Which stallion?
To get a good match between mare and stallion, it is wise to carefully study the stallions on offer, and not to immediately choose the most popular or successful stallion. Always keep in mind what kind of foal you want to breed. The KWPN has over 300 stallions approved for breeding. In our database, you will find detailed information about their strengths, their weaknesses and, most importantly, how they inherit their qualities. The last-mentioned can be found in the 'Genetic Profile'. In the database, you will also find the description of the stallion's character and the marks he received during the performance test, the ability test prior to approval. If the stallion is older and has offspring, you can read here how the stallion passes on his genes: which characteristics does he pass on to his offspring? In addition, it is, of course, very useful and fun to see the potential sires of your foal in real life. In the current corona era, this is difficult, but fortunately there are several stallion owners with an online stallion show. Young stallions also compete in young horse competitions such as the Blom Cup last August. Here you can compare them well with each other, just like during the videos of the online stallion show in February. All these videos can be found with the specific stallion in the KWPN Database and on

Ask for advice!
With so many approved stallions, it is easy to lose sight of what you are looking for. This is understandable, as there is a lot involved in making the right choice. Of course, you can always request online breeding advice from the KWPN. A KWPN inspector will look into the background of your mare and your goals for the foal. You then receive personal advice on which stallions would be the best match. The KWPN also has other opportunities to obtain additional information:

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