Despite the fact that the corona measures are slowly being lifted, a number of activities could not take place this year either, including the stallion shows and the breeding advice days. Luckily, there are other ways to gain additional insight into selecting a stallion, such as requesting online breeding advice, viewing breeding values of the stallions, attending online stallion shows, and, especially for KWPN members, using the KWPN Inbreeding Tool.

We are happy to help you choose a stallion with one of the many alternatives:

Online Breeding Advice
Online breeding advice is one of the possibilities for making a well-considered stallion choice. In fact, it is possible to request breeding advice for your mare online. In doing so, you tell us which mare you have, provide a brief description, and include the mare's strengths and points of improvement. Next, you can indicate whether you prefer a young or a proven stallion. After adding a few photos of your mare, we have enough information and after sending your request, it is processed by the Inspection Department and assigned to a KWPN inspector. If necessary, he or she will request additional information from you. Your request will be processed as soon as possible, but it may take up to ten working days before you receive the breeding advice by e-mail. The inspector bases his or her advice on stallions that are approved or recognized by the KWPN.
Apply for online breeding advice.

Online Stallion Shows
Several stallion owners have organised online stallion shows. The online stallion shows offer the opportunity to admire the KWPN stallions and to make a well-considered choice for a stallion. A large number of stallion owners have made videos of their stallions, so that you can base your choice of stallion on actual footage. The video's of the stallions can all be viewed on! Go to the online stallion shows.

KWPN Database
In the KWPN Database, you can find all information about KWPN-approved and KWPN-recognised stallions, such as sport performance, genetic ability, pedigree, reports, breeding data, and much more! Breeders' pages are a new part of the KWPN Database. The breeders' pages allow interested parties to see the achievements of a particular breeder. The breeders' pages can be found via a horse page in the KWPN Database Read more about the breeders page

Go to the KWPN Database

Inbreeding tool for KWPN members
KWPN members can use My KWPN to further support their stallion choice for their mare(s) by studying the results of inbreeding and relationship of the intended sires. This useful online tool is available for the breeding directions harness horse, Gelder horse, jumping and dressage. With this inbreeding tool, you can easily see which stallions fit your mare in terms of inbreeding and blood distribution. The tool is available for mares that are at least 3 years old (or will be in the coming year). Go to the inbreeding tool.

Inbreeding percentage
The Inbreeding percentage gives you insight into how unique the foal you want to breed will be compared to the chosen population. When applying the Inbreeding Tool, the relationship percentage of the foal is also indicated. The lower the relationship percentage, the more unique the potential foal is within the population. The relationship percentage is the genetic variation between the animals, whereas the inbreeding percentage only says something about the genetic variation within an animal. An explanation of the percentages can be found on the page about inbreeding. Go to the inbreeding tool.

Virtual pedigree
If you consult the details of each stallion in the inbreeding tool (by clicking on the orange plus sign), you will see the virtual pedigree of the foal. It is also possible to calculate the inbreeding for stallions from a different breeding direction. For example, you can choose breeding direction 'Gelder horse', even if you would like to breed your Gelder horse mare with a dressage stallion or a harness stallion. In this way, you will still get the data with regard to the Gelderlander population, as that is where you want to register the foal. Go to the inbreeding tool.

Breeding Values
Of course, among all the other possibilities, we also have breeding values that can help you choose a stallion! Breeding values express in numbers how a stallion passes on its genetic value in relation to the total population and provide an indication of what you can expect from a given stallion choice. Breeding values are built using various sources of information. These include sport standings, from both national and international competitions, and the results of KWPN events, such as inspections and ability tests. The KWPN has three different types of breeding values. The sport breeding value is calculated for jumping, dressage, and harness horse in driving. In addition to an exterior breeding value, a health breeding value is calculated for riding horses (genomic breeding value D-OC). Go to the breeding values and more information.


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