Kimberley Pap won the small final in Verden this morning with the KWPN stallion Jersey. With that, the combination managed to qualify for tomorrow's he final for seven-year-olds.

The KWPN stallion Jersey (Vivaldi out of Kebalia keur pref prest by Ferro, breeder P. Wetzelaer of Herpen) showed himself very well this morning and put in a good performance, which earned him many points from the judges at C especially. His rider Kimberley Pap, who is only 21 years old, let the stallion go around with a lot of balance what made it able to present himself optimally. The sympathetic black stallion stayed the whole test on a very friendly contact and with nice length in the frame. “A horse with a lot of balance in the trot. He is well straight and has a good push. The trot is attractive with good use of the hindquarters, an 8.8. In the walk he could stay a little more clear in the collection and in the lengthenings, he should come a little more out in the shoulder, a 7.0. The canter is very strong with good shoulder freedom, a 9. Overall a very good test, only some small mistakes in the changes, an 8.5. He is a very nice horse, for perspective an 8.5. And with that, Jersey came to 76.577% and Pap took over the lead which she could keep until the end.   

“Fantastic horse”

Jameson RS2 (Blue Horse Zack (out of Atilinda M elite pref IBOP-dr sport-dr D-OC by Negro, breeder Stal 104 of Wijdewormer) had all eyes on him once again. Just before his test, the audience doubled in numbers. And rightly so, because with his beautiful silhouette and great movement he is a joy to watch. The stallion was still a bit distracted, but Marieke van der Putten was able to ride a much better test today with beautiful extensions, nicely bent shoulder-ins and good changes. Only in the walk, the stallion showed some tension. "Wow, what a powerful, good looking stallion", the jury began. "The trot is powerful, elastic and with a lot of impulsion and a very good use of the hind leg, a 9. In the walk there was certainly some tension in the beginning, and he should have extended a little more, a 6.3. The canter has a lot of power from the hind leg, an 8.3. Due to the loss of concentration and because of the tension we give a 7.3 for submission, but a fantastic horse and when he learns to focus more on the rider, one with a lot of potential, an 8.3.” That brought the score to 74.275, good for sixth place.


Nicky Snijder was with Jongleur STH the first Dutch starter in this small final. Again, he rode a good test with a beautiful extended trot and canter. The long-legged bay has a very convincing walk. “A horse with three good gaits”, said the jury. “The trot is active but sometimes a bit rushed, especially in the extended trot, an 8. The walk is good, both in the collected and the extended walk nicely pure, 8.5. The canter is also active, but he could stay a little more round, still an 8.0. We would like to see a little more bend in the half-pass, and he could stay a little more round through the neck, therefore a 7.5 for submission, but a good horse with potential, an 8.2 for talent.” And with that, the son of Expression (out of Bella Vurona STH elite pref prest IBOP-dr Sport-dr PROK D-OC from Fürst Heinrich) bred by L.F. Nekeman and B. Nekeman-Alteveer from Overasselt got 74.084%, good for seventh place.

Canadian rider Matthieu Bosselier was the rider to kick off the day with All at Once daughter J'Adoreina (out of Tuschinski, breeder B.M. van der Zwaard of Wijhe). He had to deal with some tension which led to mistakes especially at the beginning of the test. “The trot should be more through the body and sometimes lacks a bit of regularity, a 6.3. The walk is clear and active but could have more length of stride, 6.8. The canter is clear and the horse is obedient, a 7. We would like to see her a little softer in the contact and because of the mistakes, a 5 for submission. For perspective we give a 6.5.” This brought the total to 61.563%.



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