In the week of 13 September, the European Parliament will vote on a motion for resolution on a far-reaching antibiotic ban. The Federation of Veterinarians of Europe has drawn up an open letter against the EP resolution that suggests banning all important antimicrobials for use in animals and invites everyone to sign it. The FVE warns that this motion not only disregards scientific advice, but also puts the health and welfare of the animals and humans at risk. 

The motion is a follow-up on the Delegated act on criteria to reserve antimicrobials for humans only. The Delegated act is based on the scientific advice of the European Medicines Agency, made by both human and animal health experts, with input of WHO, OIE and ECDC. In other words, it is a balanced ‘One Health’ act. However, some parties in the European Parliament want to go further and put on the list all antimicrobials critically important for humans, without looking at their needs in animals. This could lead to many antimicrobials currently authorized in animals being banned for use in animals. This will effectively make some horse bacterial diseases untreatable.

Animal and public human health at risk

In the open letter, the FEEVA/FVE argues that this motion not only disregards scientific advice, but also puts at risk the health and welfare of farm and companion animals and can even harm public health. The KWPN stands behind this letter and supports the delegated act as proposed by the Commission and rejects the motion and invites you to sign/spread the open letter against the EP resolution. The aim is to get the letter signed by as many EU and national organisations as possible. The more signatures collected, the more weight the call for rejection has. So far, the open letter has been signed over 2,000 times.

The deadline for signing is 6 September, after this, the letter will be forwarded to the Parliament.

Link to letter: 

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