Fortunately, the agenda is yet again filled with stallion shows! This helps you in making your stallion choice. But did you know that KWPN offers some help in this matter, too? You can request online breeding advice, check the breeding values of stallions, or use the KWPN Inbreeding tool. 

Online breeding advice

You can request online breeding advice for your mare. You specify the mare it concerns, including a brief description of their strong points and the aspects you would like to improve on. Then you can indicate whether you prefer a young or proven stallion. After attaching a few photos of your mare, there is sufficient information and after sending in your request, it is processed by the Inspection division and assigned to a KWPN inspector. If necessary, he or she may inquire further information from you. Your request is processed asap, but it may take ten working days before your breeding advice is send by email. The inspector bases his or her choice on the stallions that are approved or recognized by the KWPN. Request online breeding advice. 

Stallion Shows

The season is in full swing! Admire the stallions in person again. Multiple stallion owners are organizing an ‘old-fashioned’ stallion show. Browse the agenda here.  

KWPN Database

In the KWPN Database you can find all information about KWPN-approved and recognized stallions, such as sport performance, genetic predisposition, pedigree, reports, breeding data and lots more! At the breeders pages interested parties may see the achievements of a certain breeder. The breeders pages can be found via a horse page in the KWPN Database. (The example in the link is the preferent KWPN-stallion Jazz, there you find the breeders page of late Huub van Helvoirt.) You can click on the name of the breeder or registered party. Go to the KWPN Database

Inbreeding Tool for KPWN members

KWPN members may substantiate the stallion choice for their mare(s) further via MyKWPN by delving into the results regarding inbreeding and kinship of the intended parents. This convenient online tool is only available for the breeding directions harness horse, Gelder horse, jumping and dressage. Via this inbreeding tool you simply see which stallions would fit your with regard to inbreeding and genetic variation. The tool is available for mares of three years or older (or ones that reach that age in the current year). Go to the inbreeding tool.

Degree of kinship

The degree of kinship gives you insight in how unique the foal that you intend to breed will be compared to the chosen population. If the inbreeding tool is applied, the degree of kinship of the foal is also specified. The lower the degree of kinship, the more unique the potential foal within the population. The degree of kinship is the genetic variation among the animals, while the inbreeding percentage only says something about the genetic variation within an animal. An explanation about the percentages can be found on the specific pages. Go to the inbreeding tool. 

Virtual pedigree

If you consult the details for each stallion in the inbreeding tool (through the orange plus), the virtual pedigree of the foal becomes visible. It is also possible to calculate the inbreeding for stallions from another breeding direction. For example, you can choose breeding direction ‘Gelder Horse’, even if you would like to cover you Gelder mare with a dressage or harness stallion. You still get the data relative to the Gelder population, because after all that’s where you want to register the foal. Go to the inbreeding tool. 

Breeding values

Naturally, in addition to the other possibilities, we have the breeding values that may help you make your stallion choice! Breeding values express in numbers how a stallion passes on certain traits compared to the total population and indicate what you may expect of a certain stallion choice. The breeding values are based on various sources of information. These sources include sport rankings, in both national and international competitions, and the results of KWPN events, such as inspections and ability tests. The KWPN has three different types of breeding values. The sports breeding value is calculated for dressage, jumping and the harness sport. In addition to a breeding value for conformation, a breeding value for health (genome breeding value D-OC) is also composed for riding horses. Go to breeding values and more information. Or sign up for one of the breeder pubs about the new breeding values (in Dutch). Sign up here!


Facebook group: KWPN Foals

For all KWPN breeders a closed Facebook group KWPN Foals was founded! Here you may share photos and videos of your foal(s), but also get to ask questions about the stallion choice or other foal related matters. The members of this group are happy to help! An additional digital place where breeders can come together! Go to the Facebook group.

Are you or do you know someone that breeds a foal for the first time? The Happy Foal Package is an absolute must-have in this exciting time! We also construed an overview page with helpful tips, most frequently asked questions and information about breeding and registering your foal(s). 

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