Under the cloak of aesthetic appeal, the sensory hairs around the mouth and eyes of older horses and foals are often trimmed. To let appearances prevail efficacy, apart from the fact whether it is harmful or harmless, is not desired in the context of horse welfare. Trimming the sensory hairs of a horse leads to a loss in sensory functions and can therefore hinder a horse. 

The KWPN expressly discourages the trimming of foals. It does not increase the chance of a better assessment but does impose a health risk. Therefore, with effect of the inspection season of 2022 it is no longer permitted to partake in foal-, mare-, and stallion inspections and other KWPN events and competitions with entirely clipped foals and horses whose sensory hairs around the mouth and ears are completely removed and/or whose hairs inside the ears have been clipped. The General Regulations are therefore amended on the following points:

Foals that have been completely clipped no longer have access to KWPN events. It is permitted to trim the legs and trim or clip the tail of the foals. Foals whose sensory hairs are completely removed or whose hairs inside the ears have been clipped are also refused participation in KWPN events. Excessive protruding hairs may be clipped. 

Horses whose sensory hairs are completely removed, whose hairs on the inside of the ears are shaven, are refused access to KWPN events. Excessive protruding hairs may be clipped. It is permitted to clip the legs and the trim or clip the tail.

These regulations follow the FEI guidelines. Partially because of the fact the preparations for several inspections are already in place, it has been decided to install a transitional year. The coming inspection season of 2022, the inspectors will clearly explain to owners and presenters what is undesired. With effect of the 1st of January 2023, the rules are enforced and horses and foals that are groomed in this manner are not allowed in the inspection ring. 

Source: KWPN 

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