With more than 450 registrations, the KWPN-NA Inspection Tour of 2022 was the largest the KWPN-NA has ever had. Judges Bart Henstra, Arie Hamoen, Marian Dorresteijn and Floor Dröge flew to the US and visited a total of 19 locations in America and Canada. All breeding directions, dressage, jumping, hunters, Gelders and harness horses, were well represented.

The KWPN-NA is the daughter organization of the KWPN, which carries out the KWPN breeding program in North America. Various inspections are organized annually in the USA and Canada. During these inspections, foals and older horses are assessed for studbook registration and the IBOP, with also competitions for young dressage, jumping, harness and hunter horses. Over the entire North American inspection tour, the horses are placed in a Top 10 classification per class.

Dressage mares
In the dressage mares class, the Championship title went to Maebria DG (Totilas out of Famebria DG elite IBOP-dress by Idocus). “Maebria is a mare with a good rectangular model, long legs and an uphill build. Her topline could be a bit stronger in muscling. In movement she is an elegant and talented horse with a lot of uphill drive. Her walk is active and powerful with a lot of ground cover. Her trot is impressive; uphill with expression and plenty of shoulder freedom. She has good scope and the canter is a highlight with really good technique, a lot of self-carriage and uphill.” The reserve title went to Makanabria DG (Rock Forever from Gamebria DG elite sport-dres IBOP-dres by Belissimo M). “Makanabria is a very modern mare, she is an elegant horse with a good type and a beautiful head. She has a lot of expression and her body is well proportioned. Her walk has a very good overstep and is always in rhythm. She has good body use. The trot is light-footed and has great self-carriage. Her canter is uphill and balanced, but she could bend the hind leg a bit more for even higher points.” Both mares are bred and owned by DG Bar Breeders, Inc. from Hanford, CA, USA.

Dressage stallions and geldings
The Champion title in the stallions and geldings class went to New Adventure DG (Don Schufro out of Wenke by Blue Hors Zack, breeder Oak Hill Ranch from LA, USA). “The walk has a lot of space and is relaxed, but could have more activity. The trot has good rhythm and balance. It needs more suspension and he needs some time to get more power. He has a nice uphill canter with a lot of suppleness.” The four-year-old stallion Nick of Diamond (GLOCK's Toto Jr. out of Diamant Héroique stb-ext D-OC by Johnson, breeder B. Lichtendahl from Almelo) took the reserve title. “This stallion has a well-muscled and correctly built dressage type. He has sufficient length and a well formed croup. He shows a spacious walk with a lot of stretch, good leg technique, expressive use of the front leg, suppleness and a well carrying hind leg. His ample canter has very good technique and carrying capacity.”

Dressage foals
The Championship title went to Sultan DG (Koning DG out of Julea KS ster D-OC by Charmeur, breeder DG Bar Breeders, Inc. of Hanford, CA, USA). “A well-developed and long lined colt with very good connections and proportions. He has an excellent type and quality in the foundation. He moves uphill with a lot of bend and technique. He maintains this lap after lap, with very good transitions.” The Secret- daughter Sensational Dream (out of Kandyvrouwe ster D-OC by GLOCK's Toto Jr.) bred by Canadream Farm took the reserve title. “This filly is a very expressive, modern and long-lined type of foal. She has a well-shaped and muscular neck. She shows a good walk, a trot with a lot of suppleness and switching power, a lot of suspension with an expressive use of the front leg and a powerful hind leg. She has a very good canter, very powerful, carrying and athletic”.

Dressage yearlings
In the dressage yearlings, the North American Champion title went to the Koning DG- son Rockefeller HF (out of Valeska DG elite sport-dres pref by Krack C, breeder Ingrid Hamar of Visalia, CA, USA). “Very well developed and long lined foal with a good front. The head is a little long. Good shape of the croup and a strong and well developed foundation. He has a good walk with a lot of activity and a clear rhythm. The trot is light-footed, elegant and with good leg technique. The canter has a lot of balance and covers the ground with power and expression.” The reserve title went to Rhea DG (Koning DG out of Julea KS ster D-OC by Charmeur, breeder DG Bar Breeders, Inc. of Hanford, CA, USA). “A beautiful appearance, she has the development she should have. Well formed forehand with long shoulders and good topline. The hind legs are a bit straight. Her walk is smooth with good ground coverage. The trot is very light-footed, with good transitions and freedom of the shoulder. The canter is smooth, but could have a little more power.”

Two-year-olds dressage
Primabria DG (L Primo DG out of Bolimbria DG ster D-OC by Sandro Hit, breeder DG Bar Breeders, Inc. of Hanford, CA, USA) took the Championship title. “An elegant dressage type filly. Long lined and uphill, she has good connections, a nice forehand and a long hamstring. The walk is spacious, but could be a little more active. She trots with a lot of self-carriage and starts to trot from an active hind leg. The front leg has good technique with a lot of shoulder freedom. The canter has technique, cadence and is active. A complete dressage horse!” The reserve title went to Phyre RR (Negro out of Hypatia FFF by Cunningham, breeder Laurie Gamble of Howell, MI, USA). “This is a long-lined, well-developed and well-muscled mare. She is flexible in her use of the body, with a lot of shoulder freedom. Her trot and canter are very good and powerful with a good carrying hind leg.”

Show jumping mares
Limelight SPF (Arezzo VDL out of Ushina ster by Orame, breeder Tracy Geller of Six Pound Farm of Suffolk, VA, USA) won the Championship title. “This mare is a typical show jumper. She enjoys jumping, is very eager on the jump and comes high over the jump.” Olivia PH (Toronto out of Chantilly II TSH by Catch Cardo TSH, breeder Douwe Plantinga out of Pleasant Hill Farms LLC of Mount Vernon, TX, USA) and Nala CMH (Douglas out of Chablis CWF by Calloway CWF, breeder Karen Banister of White Harvest Farm from Brighton, CO, USA) go home with a draw along with the reserve title. “The three-year-old Olivia PH has a long lined and elegant type. She has a refined, good body and a slightly sloping croup. Her canter has a lot of balance and is active. She has a very fast and powerful push-off, good technique and is very athletic in her body use and scope.” “Nala CMH is a well-developed, well-muscled mare with a good body. She is a bit heavy, but correctly built. She has a powerful canter and a very fast and powerful push-off. She is very eager and careful and shows good technique and bascule.”

Jumper foals
The Carrera VDL son Sampson VF (out of Notorious VF ster by Messenger VF, breeder Ellicia Edgar of Valleyfield Farm in Parkland County, AB, CAN) can call himself North American Champion of the jumping foals. “This colt is long lined and elegant. He is well proportioned with a good topline and croup. He moves lightfooted, with a smooth trot and a well-balanced canter with good use of the body.” With a tie, Satisfaction HMS (Diarado out of Eclipse SCF elite out of Balou du Rouet, breeder Amanda Lorinc of Harpeth Meadow Stables of Nashville, TN, USA) and Sic Vita Est KG (Halifax van het Kluizebos out of Hakuna Matata KG by Ulandro, breeder Kathryn Shearer from Ocala, FL, USA) may call themselves reserve champion. “Satisfaction HMS is a well-muscled colt with good proportions, which could be slightly longer lined. He is athletic with a lot of suppleness in the canter and with good balance and power.” “Sic Vita Est KG is a young foal, but correctly built, well-proportioned, well-muscled and with a good topline. The trot has good scope and is supple and the canter has a lot of balance, is powerful and has good scope.”

Jumper yearlings
Rock Star SCF (Tangelo vd Zuuthoeve out of Knock Out SCF D-OC by Diamant de Semilly, breeder Dr. Carlos & Karin Jimenez of Sporting Chance Farm in Coatesville, PS, USA) took home the Championship title in the jumper yearlings class. “This colt is well developed and long lined. He has a beautiful expression and a very strong canter.” The Quidam Blue son Ravel Bolero (out of Vavasour by Voltaire, breeder Mackenzie Neola Buchan from Parkland County, AB, CAN) became reserve champion.

Two-year-old jumpers
The Messenger VF- daughter Penelope VF (out of Bini-Balou ster sport-jump by Balou du Rouet, breeder Ellicia edgar of Valleyfield Farm in Parkland County, AB, CAN) became North American Champion of this class. “This young mare is well developed, shows a well formed and muscular neck, she is slightly weak in the back, but has correct legs with good use of the hind leg and an active and powerful canter.” The reserve title went to Positano (Giulia's Omano BC from Judgment ISF, breeder Katie Moriarty from On Course Riding Academy in Lafayette, NJ, USA). “This is a well-developed, well-muscled colt with a somewhat heavy head and neck connection, a good topline with high withers and correct legs. He has a powerful canter with good scope and balance.”

Hunter mares
Only two horses were presented in this class. The Champions title went to Noteworthy SC (Sir Gregory out of Darva by Rousseau, breeder Sheila Armstrong of Stone Creek Sport Horses in Red Oak, TX, USA). “This mare is well developed, an elegant type. She has an expressive, well-shaped neck and a good topline. She shows a canter with a lot of balance, jumps with sufficient scope and front leg technique, but could show a little more bascule over the jump.” Olympic Jill (Olympic Jac BC of Judgment ISF, breeder Katie Moriarty of On Course Riding Academy in Lafayette, NJ, USA) became the Reserve Champion.

Hunter foals
Of the three foals that entered the hunter championship, Sunday Shoes (Prototype out of Harmonious Elinor by Sir Sinclair, breeder Tommie Lynn Russell of Darlington, MD, USA) became the Champion. Sazerac MFF (Carom out of Nefertiti MFF D-OC by Bliss MF, breeder Morgan Kennedy by Mane of Fire Farm in Campbell, TX, USA) won the reserve title.

Hunter yearlings
Ripley's Rendezvous (Carrasca Z out of Golden Nip xx by Formal Gold xx, breeder Molly-Mae Mackenzie from Williston, FL, USA) became the Champion of the hunter yearlings. “Elegant with a good type. Well formed and expressive neck, with good topline and long withers. In movement we see a spacious walk with a lot of suppleness, also a trot with a lot of scope and suppleness and flat use of the foreleg. The canter was in balance with sufficient body use, but could show more scope.” The reserve title went to Regenbogen TF (Toronto out of Freda van Odin, breeder Linda Schklar of Woodmont Farm in Versailles, KY, USA).

Hunter two-year-olds
The convincing Champion among the two-year-old Hunters was Pangaea (Uno Don Diego out of Willow by Consul, breeder Ruth Ann Kershaw of Indigo Farm Sport Horses in Oley, PA, USA). “A filly with a lot of expression and a beautiful type. She has a good topline. She is light-footed in movement with a lot of ground coverage, but she could show a little more suppleness.” The reserve Champion was Poevai (Contester II out of Venezia by Rubinstein, breeder Deborah P. Harrison of Lio Lomas Dutch Warmbloods in CA, USA).

Gelders horses
Participation in the Gelders horse class was slightly lower. A total of five Gelders mares were inspected. The Zion JC- daughter Freedom (out of Brilliante by Flemmingh, breeder Kanoe Durdan Godby of Godby Farms in Sisters, OR, USA) became the Champion. “A long lined, good Gelders type. Freedom is well muscled with a slightly heavy build. The walk could be a bit more spacious, but she shows a very powerful trot with good knee action and scope and a powerful canter with good scope.” Milena Dream (Negro out of Exclusive STR ster PROK D-OC by Wynton, breeder MJ Proulx of Canadream Farm in Dunvegan, ON, CAN) became Reserve Champion. “Milena Dream is a good Gelders type; heavily muscled with a long well formed neck. Her croup is a bit flat and long. She shows a powerful trot, with a lot of scope. Her canter shows sufficient scope, but could have more self carriage.” In the stallions and geldings class, Max V BRB (Edmundo out of Fenna V van Koss, breeder M.T.W. van der Velden from the Netherlands) won the title. “This stallion has a good Gelders type. He could be a little longer lined, but has a well-muscled neck and good topline. He has an active walk, the trot shows good expression and knee action with a lot of balance and power. His canter has good scope and sufficient balance. In jumping he is willing and forward with a quick push off the ground, good technique in the legs, but he could show more bascule.”

Gelders foals
The Champion of the Gelders foals was Sebastian B (Gaudi out of Incredible Babe J&S elite IBOP-dres by Cizandro pref., breeder Joseph L. Schwartz from Grabill, IN, USA). “Sebastian B is long-lined with a well-muscled neck, a good topline and overall a good Gelders type. He is powerful, with good suspension, good knee movement and a lot of shoulder freedom.”

Gelders yearlings
The Gelders yearlings had a very convincing winner: Red One (Gaudi out of Incredible Babe J&S elite IBOP-tp by Cizandro pref, breeder Joseph L. Schwartz from Grabill, IN, USA). “He is very well developed, long lined, well muscled and has a very good Gelders type. Red One impressed with his very powerful and smooth movement, very good knee action, a lot of scope and a well-balanced, spacious and powerful canter.” The reserve title went to another Gaudi- son: Russell C (out of Limone by Colonist, breeder Wim Cazemier by Cazemier Equine from Spencerville, IN, USA). Gaudi is by Totilas out of Annabel STB Elite, pref, prest, PROK van De Niro x Romancier.

Gelders two-year-olds
This class had only one participant, but that was definitely not the least. With 90 points, the dark chestnut stallion Pharoah DG (King DG out of Janda keur IBOP-gp by Parcival, breeder DG Bar Breeders, Inc. from Hanford, CA, USA) can call himself a convincing Champion. “A very good Gelders type stallion. He has a strong body with a very well shaped neck that is very muscular. The loins are strong. He has well-developed and well-shaped legs. The walk is powerful. In the trot he does not need the speed to maintain the upward trend. He has a very good movement technique with a lot of power. His canter is strong with a lot of suppleness and jump. A real show boy!”

Harness mares
The four-year-old Nicki (Hermanus out of Harmony by Crescendo HBC, breeder Marvin Schmucker of Grabill, IN, USA) became Champion of the harness horse mares. "Nicki has a great harness type with a lot of expression. Her front with good vertical neck direction is very nice and her shoulder and withers are impressive. Her hind leg is sickle hocked in stance, but she has very good leg quality. In trot she shows an impressive front, a lot of technique, balance, posture and a nice moment of suspension with good action in the front legs. She bends her joints well and uses her hind legs powerfully." The mare Fleur (Zimone VSH out of Nikita J keur by Renovo, breeder Clarke & Karen Vesty of Vesty Show Horses in LaGrange, IN, USA) and Miss Donder-T (Hiro T out of Triple H. Sonia by Dondersteen W, breeder Leroy K Fisher of Waterway Stables LLC in Ronks, PA, USA) became joint reserve champion.

Harness horse stallions and geldings
In the stallions and geldings class, the North American title went to Melody Acres My-Quest (Nel-Mar Hummer out of Hans Lamoi by Jonker, breeder Freeman Helmuth of Topeka, IN, USA). "The stallion Melody Acres My-Quest has an excellent harness type with a very long vertically positioned neck. His foundation is modern and he is really impressive with a lot of stallion expression. In trot he shows a lot of expression with an excellent front and great frontleg action combined with a very good print and attitude." The reserve title here went to Nova Zembla (Idol out of Scodessa keur IBOP harness pref by Nando, breeder E. Kruiswijk from the Netherlands). "This stallion is strong and fits very well in the harness type with a great vertically placed neck. His shoulders and withers are well developed and his foundation has quality. In general, he could radiate a bit more youth. In trot he always appears happy and prepared to perform, in a real harness horse way. His front is very nice with very good frontleg action. His balance and impulsion are very good. The use of his hindquarters is sufficient."

Harness horse foals
In the harness horse foals class, Stetson (Graaf Kelly x Jonkerina Stb by Jonker bred by Justin Bontrager) was declared Champion. "A well developed foal that fits well into the rectangular model. He is refined and his very nice neck is vertically positioned. His connections are strong and his legs are light. In the trot he showed a lot of front and good use of his frontleg, combined with good impulsion, posture and a good use of the hindquarters." The reserve title went to Sallianne (Globetrotter out of Erianne M elite by Vaandrager HBC, breeder Ben Fisher Jr. of Tri-Springs Acres of Manheim, PA, USA). "Sallianne is a well-developed foal, with a good harness type and a lot of charisma. She has an appealing front and strong connections with her frontleg well in front of her rump. In addition, she has a very well developed withers and strong legs. She trots in a very harness-like and powerful way with a lot of front, action, suspension and suppleness. She always starts well from the hind leg and also has the ability to change pace easily."

Two-year-old harness mares
Among the two-year-old harness mares, only one horse made a bid for the championship. Here Pidane (Globetrotter out of Didane ster van Manno, breeder Jesse Ray Millet from Paradise, PA, USA) became Champion.

IBOP dressage
With 87 points, the Totilas daughter Maebria DG achieved the best IBOP score for dressage horses. This mare also won the Championship title in the studbook class for dressage mares. With a score of 86.5 points, the reserve champion in the studbook class for dressage mares, Makanabria DG, finished in second place for the IBOP.

Jumper IBOP
The best score in the IBOP class for show jumpers went to the Arezzo VDL daughter Limelight SPF. This mare also won the championship title in the studbook class for Jumper mares. She achieved a score of 83 points in the IBOP. With 82 points, the second place score was for Kachouiada Bloom (Quality Time out of Feather Bloom by Mr. Blue, breeder Bloomington Farm of Maxville, ON, CAN). “Kachouiada Bloom is a very willing mare who is careful with a good overview over the jump. She shows a canter with a lot of scope and balance, with good technique and bascule over the jump.”

IBOP hunters
Riverman ISF- son Just Sailing achieved the best score in the IBOP for hunters with 84 points. With 80.5 points, the second place went to his sister, the Florianus II- daughter Maiden Voyage. Both horses out of the Consul mare Bon Voyage are owned by breeder Katie Moriarty of On Course Riding Academy in Lafayette, NJ, USA.

IBOP Gelders horses
The Edmundo- son Max V BRB, who also took home the title in the studbook class for Gelders stallions and geldings, achieved the best IBOP score for Gelders horses with 75 points.

IBOP Harness Horses
The best IBOP score was for Melody Acres My-Quest. The stallion set the highest score with 79.25 points. With 78.5 points, Mijona (Hermanus out of Dijona ster by Patijn, breeder Martin Schmucker and John Graber from New Haven, IN, USA) took the second place. Mijona has a nice, strong, well-connected rectangular harness horse type with a lot of refinement and expression. Her head is beautiful and she has a vertical neck with good withers and a long shoulder. In the trot she shows a great front and good frontleg action. Her impulsion and posture are good, but her hind leg could be brought further under her body."

DG Bar Cup
The DG Bar Cup for three to eight-year-old dressage horses is also held during the North American inspection season.

DG Bar Cup for 3-year-olds
Omega DG (Gaudi out of Indea KS elite sport-dres IBOP-dres by Charmeur, breeder DG Bar Breeders, Inc. from Hanford, CA, USA) was the best with a score of 79 points. “A nice horse and a very friendly presentation. Today the walk was not consistent, sometimes he missed the rhythm. The trot has a good rhythm and a constant self-carriage. The canter has a lot of balance and ground coverage.” With 77.5 points, Orlando DG (Gaudi out of Veralinda keur by Numero Uno, breeder DG Bar Breeders, Inc. from Hanford, CA, USA) became reserve champion. “This horse is elegant and has a lot of youth. It was an obedient test. The walk is good with a lot of ground cover and rhythm. The trot has a good rhythm and the front leg has a lot of scope. The canter has good ground cover and suppleness. The horse still needs to gain a bit of strength.”

DG Bar Cup for four-year-olds
The Championship title in this class went to Glock's Toto Jr. son Nick of Diamond, who scored 83.5 points. The reserve title went to the champion of the studbook class for dressage stallions and geldings, New Adventure DG, with a score of 81 points.

DG Bar Cup five- and six-year-olds
The IBOP winners Maebria DG and Makanabria DG also won the Championship title and reserve title in the DG Bar Cup for five- and six-year-old dressage horses. Maebria DG scored 87 points and Makanabria DG scored 86.5 points.

DG Bar Cup seven- and eight- year- olds
With 87.5 points, the best overall score for the Prix St. George was Juliette D'Rosa (Ampère out of Zen Rosa elite pref by Farrington, breeder Sonnenberg Farm LLC from Sherwood, OR, USA). “This is a very talented mare! She has an incredible trot, very uphill and athletic, with a very expressive frontleg and a powerful, active canter. She is long lined with good posture and can collect easily.” With 78.5 points, the reserve title went to Kiamenta DG (Bordeaux out of Biementa CL elite by Painted Black, breeder DG Bar Breeders, Inc. from Hanford, CA, USA). “A mare with a beautiful presentation and willingness to work. In the test the walk was clearly a bit rushed and could have had more ground cover. The trot shows suppleness, but could retain more self-carriage in the side gaits. The canter is light-footed with good ground cover. The connection to the mouth could be more stable.”

Global Equine Sires (GES) Cup
The GES Cup for three to eight-year-old show jumpers is also held during the North American inspection season.

GES cup for 3-year-olds
In the three-year-olds the Championship title went to the Toronto- daughter Olivia PH with a score of 85 points. The reserve title went to Ophelia VF (Contefino out of Nec Plus Ultra MGC Leuze by Darco, breeder Ellicia Edgar of Valleyfield Farm in Parkland County, AB, CAN). “Ophelia is correctly built, sufficiently developed and long lined. She is eager over the jump with quick reflexes and very careful in the take-off.”

GES Cup four-year-olds
The reserve champion in the studbook class, Nala CMH, managed to set the best score for the four-year-old show jumpers. With 87 points, this mare can take home the Championship title with pride. The reserve title goes to Nuri JHL (Contendro I out of Chablis CWF by Calloway CWF, breeder Jason and Heather Sarno of Broomfield, CO, USA) with 80 points. “This gelding is athletic, with quick reflexes and a lot of reach.”

GES Cup 5- to 8-year-olds
Among the five to eight-year-old show jumpers, the IBOP Champion Limelight SPF also won the title in the GES Cup. The Arezzo VDL daughter was the best with 83 points. Magnolia (Crespo VDL out of Phlawless by Pablo, breeder Alisa Lask of Argyle, TX, USA) became the reserve champion with 79 points. “Magnolia is a correct jumping horse. She could be longer lined, but she is well muscled. She shows that she is well educated; a solid presentation with easy canter changes, a fast take-off , sufficient bascule and a lot of reach over the jump.”

Fine Harness Cup stallions
The number of participants in the Fine Harness Cup for stallions was not large, but the quality was impressive. It was a great reunion with two KWPN-approved stallions and there was loud applause from the enthusiastic audience in and around the arena. Both days, Hiro-T (Cizandro pref out of Darona ster by Manno, breeder W.A. Toonen from the Netherlands) was the winner. "Hiro-T is a real show horse and his front is really outstanding. It's almost impossible to have a better neck position than he showed. He also impressed us with his great impulsion, frontleg and hindleg action." Delviro HBC (Vulcano out of Kelvira keur pref sports-tp by Waterman, breeder H. Meyering from the Netherlands) took the reserve title. "Delviro HBC is always ready to perform and showed himself in a great way. He still knows how to present himself as a real harness horse."

Fine Harness Cup mares
On the first day, five mares participated. Dijona (Patijn out of Jidono keur pref by Renovo) won with a nice front and good action. Jay-Rose (Plain's Liberator out of Wieke V keur pref prest by Manno, breeder Wim Cazemier from Spencerville, IN, USA) came in second. On the second day, six mares entered and Mijona, as a freshly designated keur mare, won her class in a very beautiful way. "It seemed like she would never stop trotting." As on the first day, Jay-Rose took second place.

Find the list with Top 10 scores here

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