My Blue Hors Santiano and New Pleasure VDL are the leading sires of the dressage and jumper foals that were born last year. So, which stallions proved to be most popular in the breeding direct harness horse and Gelder horse? Let’s find out! In 2022 over 11.400 foals were born, among them nearly 540 harness horse foals and 205 Gelder foals. 


Top 5 sires of the harness foals born last year: 

  1. Macho with 77 foals
  2. Icellie with 74 foals
  3. Lanto HBC with 43 foals
  4. Cizandro with 32 foals
  5. Lexington with 30 foals


Out of nearly 540 harness foals, 77 KWPN-registered foals were sired by Macho (Indiana out of Emone ster by Unieko, breeder J. Arends of Garmerwolde), making him the leader of the ranking. In the autumn of 2020 Macho was awarded a top score and thus his approval in the KWPN performance test. 

Icellie, Lanto HBC, Cizandro and Lexington

Siring just three fewer KWPN-registered harness foals in 2022 than Macho, the top supplier of 2019 Icellie (Bocelli out of Petrose ster pref by Jonker, bred by J.R. Bosch of Hellendoorn). In the third place we find the main producer of 2020, Lanto HBC (Delviro out of Urby ster by Patijn, bred by Douwe van der Boon of Noardburgum) with 43 offspring. The preferent stallion Cizandro (Waldemar out of Uizandra ster pref by Manno, bred by Gebr. Den Otter of Bruchem) is another unmissable name on the list. thanks to 32 offspring he slots in the fourth position. In the fifth rank we encounter Lexington (Fantijn out of Higurante elite by Colonist, breeder T. Mekelenkamp of Pannerden), recently sold to Kees Koops, that sired 30 KWPN-registered harness foals in 2022. 

Gelder foals

Top 5 sires of Gelder foals born in 2022:

1. Edmundo with 25 foals
2. Alexandro P with 18 foals
2. Henkie with 18 foals
4. Imposant EM with 13 foals
5. Markant BK with 12 foals

Edmundo (Upperville out of Satricia ster by Modern, bred by H.J. Schieven Jr. of Toldijk) tops the popularity ranking as he produced 25 foals that were registered in the breeding direction Gelder Horse in 2022. The keur and preferent stallion Alexandro P (Koss out of Itilde keur pref by Satelliet, bred by H.J. and F.J. Peters of Stokkum) follows with 18 foals. He shares this silver position with his son and triple WC-contest Henkie (out of Beaujamanda ster by Upperville, bred by G. Hekkert of Wijhe). Henkie is currently successful in the Small Tour classes with Adelinde Cornelissen. In the fourth position we find another Small Tour stallion: Imposant EM (Danser out of Roosmarie ster pref PROK by Elegant, bred by N. van Houten – van der Veen of Opende) that produced 13 offspring in 2022. Imposant EM secured his starting license for the Big Tour classes last November. Approved in the autumn of 2020 while obtaining nines for his canter and mindset, Markant BK (Wilson out of Wiezelma ster pref by Sirius, bred by L.W.M. van Kollenburg of Best) completes the top five with 12 Gelder foals. 

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Photo Macho: Sandra Nieuwendijk

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