Day three of the KWPN Stallion Show 2023 has begun! Today the first dressage and Gelder stallions may showcase their qualities in the arena and we get to enjoy some spectacular shows.

At 08.30 hrs the start signal is given for the first seven groups of dressage horses in the second round viewing. Offspring of the following stallions will be on display: Deparon U.S., Escolar, Finest Selection, Fontaine TN, Fürst Belissaro, Fynch Hatton, Lord Europe, Apache, Fürst Dior, Nespresso, Torveslettens Sylvester, Valverde, Vivino, Desperado, Franklin, Just Wimphof, Ladignac, Galaxy, Johnny Depp, All at Once, Don Olymbrio, Ebony, For Ferrero, Governor, GLOCK’s Taminiau, Vitalis, Lantanas, Le Formidable, Lennox U.S., Livius, Glamourdale and Hermès N.O.P. then it is time for the assessment of three Gelder stallions sired by Alexandro P, Lanto HBC and Danser. Afterwards, the appointed stallions are presented and the premium Gelder stallions are honoured. 

Gelder horse

The evening programme commences around 18.30hrs and is kicked off with a presentation of the Gelder stallions that were approved in 2022. The finalists of the stallion competition Gelder stallions are then presented in a show. Right after, the newly declared predicate stallions of the Gelder horse breeding direction are honoured and awarded the keur or preferent predicate. 

Dressage programme

The night continues with a spectacular dressage programme. First, the new crop of dressage stallions, all approved in 2022, are presented to the audience and the predicate stallions are honoured for their achievements. A little after 8 o’clock, six talented KWPN-approved stallions showcase their abilities in the new show ‘The Key to Grand Prix’. It is followed by a spectacular show of the gold, silver, and bronze Pavo Cup medalists under the guidance of Marian Dorresteijn. After this show, it is time for the one and only Dressage Horse of the Year 2022: Kjento. This year nearly 6.000 votes were cast in the KWPN Horse of the Year 2022 election. Kjento emerged as undisputable favourite in the category dressage. Afterwards, the thrilling battle for the VHO Trophy, Powered by V2 Facility, erupts. Eight talented KWPN-approved stallions contend for the trophy. Finally, the day is concluded by World Champion Glamourdale. 

Studio programme

The studio focuses on dressage horse breeding today. After group 6 of the second round viewing for dressage horses, we first talk with Ralph van Venrooij (Head Breeding Affairs KWPN), Heike Kemmer (Member of the Stallion Selection Committee Hannover) and Bernhard Thoben (Breeding Director Oldenburg) about ‘Dressage horse breeding from an international perspective’. Eugene Reesink (Trader/Stud Owner), Rom Vermunt (Trader/Stud owner) and Dinja van Liere (Dressage rider) will talk about partnerships in sport, breeding and horse trade around 14.30hrs. At the end of the afternoon, we are joined by Sönke Rothenberger (Aspirant member of the stallion selection committee dressage), Bert Rutten (Chairman Stallion Selection Committee dressage) and Nathalie Smeets (Breeder/Trader) for a sports perspective on dressage horse breeding. 


The catalogue of the KWPN Stallion Show 2023 can now be viewed online. The catalogue contains a detailed overview of all the participating stallions, including pictures. Do you prefer a hard copy? The catalogue can either be ordered via the ticket shop or purchased at the entrance of the Stallion Show. Browse the online catalogue of the KWPN Stallion Show 2023 here


The entire KWPN Stallion Show can be watched online via and In between of performances in the arena, the livestream switches to the studio where host Charlotte Dekker welcomes various guests to discuss interesting topics. 

Social Media

The KWPN Stallion Show can also be followed via FacebookInstagram and TikTok, via these channels we give you a peek behind the curtains. 

Timetable, starting lists and results

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Photo: Dirk Caremans

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