Buying embryos with a guarantee. That’s only possible at Global Dressage Auction. The first collection of the year is one of substance. Right next to the embryos, three interesting pregnant broodmares adorn the collection.

“The future of dressage breeding is sport, full stop. People who are looking for the total genetic package, have come to the right place. We don’t offer just any genes, only the finest and most interesting dressage genes”, Koos Poppelaars states confidently.

Vamos Amigos, Imhotep, Foundation
The newest collection is also infused with the best genes. You have the opportunity to get your hands on embryos out of the full sister of the highly successful Vamos Amigos and an embryo out of the dam of Charlotte Dujardin’s Imhotep. As well as embryos out of the full sister of Foundation, the half-sister of Blue Hors Zack, the full sister of Glock’s Johnson TN and out of the dam lines of the Olympic Parzival, Don Schufro, and Dablino FRH. On the paternal side, the embryos carry the genes of Extra Gold, Glamourdale, Kjento, Indian Rock, Totilas, Toto Jr., For Romance and last but not least Dante Weltino.

Special guarantee scheme
Global Dressage Auction has drawn up a special guarantee scheme for the embryos that have not yet been transferred. Koos Poppelaars explains: “The success rate of implantation has significantly improved in the last few years. It is currently about 80% and the techniques used by our sellers are carried out and supervised by the very best veterinarians. We fully understand our buyers want to keep the risks to a minimum and we have come up with a solution.”

No auction costs
“It is challenging for many breeders to get their hands on renowned dressage genes. Fortunately, we have so far succeeded to secure embryos out of exceptional dam lines for every collection. It pays off to invest in embryo. When you purchase one of our non-transferred embryos, we make sure the embryo is inserted in a recipient mare. These surrogate mares are available at the clinic that has produced the embryo.” And what if a buyer has their own recipient mare? “That is also possible provided that the clinic has approved the mare for embryo transplantation. Should a pregnancy not be achieved, the buyer only owes a limited sum, the purchase price and auction costs are waived. In some cases, it is even possible to insert a second embryo. We hope to lower the threshold and make these excellent dressage genes available for an even bigger audience. Together we can take dressage horse breeding to the next level.

Pregnant broodmares
Since many of our sellers often posed the question if it would be possible to offer broodmares in our auction, we have included a few pregnant broodmares in the collection.” As you may expect, all mares of excellent origins. New Daula, a daughter of Painted Black out of the Daula-line and in foal to Toto Jr., is one of the mares up for grabs. The Staatsprämie mare Florelia, a granddaughter of the full sister of the Olympic Don Schufro, is expecting a foal by the young movement virtuoso Damaschino. The third broodmare is bred out of the dam line of Sintano van Hof Olympia that won team silver for Great Britain at the EC Dressage of Riesenbeck. This broodmare is in foal to Indian Rock.

Starting the 16th until the 19th of February you are welcome to place your bid on these gems, so turn you own dressage dream into reality and meet the next generation international dressage stars. If you have questions about the lots or the guarantee scheme, please contact Koos Poppelaars. He is happy to help you out: 00316 52 46 64 47.


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