For this week’s Trivia we again had to dive into the database to look into the IBOP tests for jumper horses. In 2021, the Chacoon Blue-daughter Next Passion topped the jumper rankings with an 89-point score. Which horse has secured the title this year and may call herself the top scorer of 2022?

In 2022, various KWPN regions organised a total of 22 IBOPs for jumper horses. 175 jumper horses participated in an IBOP, 138 of which passed. Out of the group of horses that passed, 30 were declare ster, 80 elite, 10 keur and 5 preliminary keur.

Main supplier Arezzo VDL

Arezzo VDL (Chin Chin out of Sarjolijn ster prest by Heartbreaker, bred by H. Mulder of Blankenham) was the top supplier of the jumper horses last year. He sires nine jumper horses that participated in an IBOP test in 2022, seven of his offspring obtained a passing score. He was followed by Jardonnay VDL (Kannan out of Duzella elite pref IBOP-spr D-OC by Indoctro, bred by J. van Gestel of Hilvarenbeek) and Cornet Obolensky (Clinton out of Rabanna van Costersveld by Heartbreaker) with 6 participating offspring each. Cornet Obolensky saw five of his daughters pass the IBOP last year and Jardonnay VDLhad a 100% score as each of his six offspring passed the ability test. 

Naloma HH

The highest IBOP score among the jumper horses was obtained by Naloma HH (Il Est Balou out of Haloma HH ster sport-spr by Talan, bred by E.S. de Vries of Oldeholtpade). At the IBOP in Sonnega, the mare scored 86,5 points. Naloma HH thereby also earned the keur predicate. “This is mare that makes you happy. A well-rounded jumper horse that also possesses three good gaits. She demonstrates to be super careful, have a great technique and to be gifted with ample athletic ability. She received nines for both her reflexes and scope and shows to be a cooperative horse. Truly a horse for the future”, according to KWPN inspector Wim Versteeg. 


At the IBOP of IJsselmuiden, Etoulon VDL-daughter Milithya (out of Afilithya elite EPTM-spr sport-spr PROK by Indoctro) of breeder G. de Wit of Dronten also obtained 86,5 points and was afterwards declared elite. “This mare moves with abundant balance, and she has a light-footed canter. She furthermore possesses great reflexes, always elevates the withers on the jump and shows a good technique in the front leg and hindquarters. She also stood out with her elastic body and athletic ability, Plus, she showed a super mindset”, Henk Dirksen comments. 


Slotting into third with a score of 86 points in the IBOP in Sonnega, we find Olisa (Comthago out of Chann elite IBOP-spr sport-spr PROK by Alicante) of breeders Menko and Elsa Jongelin of Aduard. “This is an appealing mare that was afterwards awarded 80 points for conformation and therefore immediately became ‘elite’. She is sufficiently developed and has an effortless and light-footed manner of moving. In canter she covers plenty of ground and shows great balance and a good posture. On the jump she is always quick, careful and she exhibits good overview. She assesses the distance and jump well and shows athleticism and a good technique”, Wim Versteeg adds.

Would you like to enter your horse in an IBOP? The agenda lists all the IBOP tests that are organised throughout the country. You can sign up either directly through the agenda or via My KWPN. 

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Photo Naloma HH: Jacob Melissen

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