Since 2016, stallions must meet the D-OC breeding value requirements and obtain a satisfactory assessment on the navicular bone and spavins radiographs prior to the start of the second round viewing of the KWPN stallion selection. Only when it is not possible to compute a D-OC breeding value, the stallion must also meet the PROK requirement. However, over the past few years, the (veterinary) field has frequently indicated that the KWPN’s lead in health accrued in the past, is diminishing. A situation that is obviously undesirable and has prompted the Dressage and Jumping Breeding Councils and Breeding Affairs Department to advise the General Board in this matter to reinstate the PROK requirement.

The main objective of the KWPN is to breed horses that can perform at the highest level of sport. For this reason, the approved stallions must be sufficiently healthy themselves so that breeders can make better choices and breed more durable horses. Consequently, the General Board adopted aforementioned advice. This means that for the upcoming stallion selection of 2023/2024, the PROK requirement prior to the second round viewing, as outlined in the veterinary regulations, will be reinstated. The veterinary regulations specify the requirements as follows: 

  • Navicular bone score: 0-1-2
  • Sesamoidean bones score: 0-1-2-3-4 (no selection)
  • Fetlock arthritis score: 0-1-2-3
  • Spavins score: 0-1-2


  • Hock: sagitale tibia score A and other locations in the hock score A, B or C.
  • Stifle joint: lateral ridge of the trochlea score A and other locations in the stifle score A, B of C.
  • Fetlock joint front score A through E
  • Fetlock joint hind score A through E

The current D-OC predicate requirement will also be retained, whereby the stallion selection committee, by way of exception, may approve a stallion with a genomic breeding value of 95 or lower for osteochondrosis provided that, in the opinion of the stallion selection committee ample compensation is present. The PROK requirements must then be met without exception. In addition, a project group will be formed next year, consisting of a number of renowned veterinarians and a radiologist, who will revise the current PROK requirement if necessary. They shall also submit their advice to the Breeding Councils Dressage and Jumping and Breeding Affairs department on the introduction of neck and back radiographs in the stallion selection process. These recommendations could then possibly be introduced for the selection year of 2024/2025. 

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