In the latest English edition of the KWPN Cast, international judge Maria Colliander is the guest of Floor Dröge. Colliander is a well-known Grand Prix judge, and many listeners will recognize her voice from the commentary she provides as a judge during the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses.

Floor engages in a conversation with Maria about her background in equestrian sports. Maria shares how she started judging and what it's like to judge championships. What qualities does Colliander like to see in a dressage horse? And does she ever feel pressure when judging? In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on harmony. Does Maria believe that dressage is moving in the right direction? It's an interesting conversation that provides listeners with insight into the decisions made in the judge's booth.

About Floor Dröge
Floor Dröge is the podcast host for this season. She has been working at the KWPN since 2018 and is a familiar face to many breeders during inspections. Riders know Floor as a judge in dressage competitions up to the Small Tour level, as well as during the IBOP, EPTM, and other talent competitions. Floor herself competed at the Grand Prix level with the well-known mare Astrid Sollenberg (by OO Seven) and previously worked at NHB Deurne, where she also received her education.

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