For many breeders, the foaling season has come to an end once again. In a few months, the first foals will be born, and intense discussions are taking place at many kitchen tables about the upcoming stallion choices. Recently, the KWPN registered its 11,000th foal, and you can still register your foal. Which dressage stallions have sired the most foals in 2023?

Of the 11,000 foals, the spreading between jumping and dressage foals is roughly equal, with approximately 5,000 foals registered for each breeding direction. In addition, 168 Gelder horses and 519 harness horse foals have been registered.

Top 10 sire horses

  1. Extreme U.S. (s.Escamillo) - 416 foals
  2. McLaren (s.Morricone) - 207 foals
  3. Kjento (s.Negro) - 191 foals
  4. Next Level (s.Jarville) - 140 foals
  5. My Blue Hors Santiano (s.Sezuan) - 122 foals
  6. Glock’s Toto Jr. (s.Totilas) - 121 foals
  7. For Ferrero (s.For Romance) - 109 foals
  8. Las Vegas (s.Ferdeaux) - 102 foals
  9. Glamourdale (s.Lord Leatherdale) - 101 foals
  10. Ferguson (s.Floriscount) - 100 foals

The top 10 stallions together account for a third of the foals born in 2023. Approximately 60 percent of the foals are descended from over 100 stallions that have 10 to 99 coverings on their name. 239 stallions were used less than 10 times, and they account for about 10 percent of the foals born in 2023.

Have you not registered your foal yet?
KWPN offers foal registration, where everything is taken care of for you after registration. You can register your foal in one go, and this also includes applying for the passport. The paternity test of the father is added as an extra service. If you live in the Netherlands or Belgium, your foal will be sketched and chipped by a KWPN passport consultant, and your foal will be reported in the National Database. Throughout the first year of your foal's life, you will receive several interesting mailings with relevant information for your foal.

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Photo Extreme U.S.: Dirk Caremans
Source: KWPN

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