Are you interested in KWPN horses? We have several special services to help you with all your questions and demands.

Sales guidance

Various breeder meetings have shown that KWPN members like to be helped with the sale of their young horses. Responding to this, the KWPN has started training and selling young horses. Empty stables during performance tests are used to break in young horses, train them and if the owner wants also make them ready for selling.

Over 60% of the KWPN members are looking for help from the studbook for sales. The KWPN Online Auctions are a proven tool for many breeders to use.
KWPN regularly receives requests for young and ridden horses, mostly from abroad. Interested parties were referred to the online KWPN Marketplace and the search query can be placed on the website. With this new initiative, the KWPN actively facilitates their members by relieving them as easy as possible.

Breaking in and training

The team of employees at the KWPN center is fully equipped for breaking in and training of young horses. After two months, the owner can decide to collect the horse, continue training or offer it for sale, where the KWPN is happy to mediate. The horses must be fully clinically and radiographically inspected when offered for sale. It is also possible that the horses comes to the KWPN center purely for breaking in/training, without sales being involved.


If a horse is ready for sale, the KWPN will offer and facilitate the horse for sale via its own channels, but the transaction is entirely between a KWPN member and the buyer and the KWPN does not act as a trader or commissionaire. When there are a couple horses in training at the center, viewing days are also possible to bring the horses to the attention of potential buyers.

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