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For years, Dutch-bred horses have dominated international horse shows. Week after week, riders from around the world win competitions with their KWPN horses. The KWPN works hard to keep its members current on the achievements of its horses through media including and the online magazine KWPN International, with articles on sporthorse breeding.

KWPN International Membership

KWPN members receive numerous benefits including:

• A subscription to the KWPN International magazine, filled with informative articles on breeding and sport, this full-colour digital magazine is released four times per year;
• The opportunity to participate in KWPN activities including inspections, ability tests, and competitions;
• The option to register home-bred horses;
• Complimentary online advertising of horses/foals for sale at KWPN Marketplace;
• Access to MY KWPN, for tracking horses bred by and/or registered to members;
• Full access to the KWPN Database; which also contains extensive information on all stallions approved or recognized by the KWPN;

Price: €126.15

KWPN Membership (only for residents of the Netherlands and Belgium)

Receive all benefits of the KWPN International Membership and the print version of the magazine ‘In de Strengen’ (IDS).

Price: €116.15

KWPN Database Membership

If you are not a KWPN member but would like complete access to the renewed KWPN Database, you can now subscribe. The KWPN (Stallion) Database offers numerous benefits:

  • Reliability
  • Accessibility
  • Completeness
  • Up-to-date information
  • The latest breeding values

The KWPN Database contains information on all KWPN horses, including lineage, predicates, sketch particulars, dam-line data, and sport standings with the Dutch Equestrian Federation or the FEI. The KWPN Database, a tool for learning about your own breeding lines as well as those of others, is a must for every breeder. The KWPN Database also contains extensive information about KWPN-approved and KWPN-recognized stallions. The database includes stallions which are currently available as well as older stallions which have made the KWPN the renowned studbook it is today. Breeders, of course, have the important task of carefully choosing the best stallion for their mares; however, finding that stallion can be a complicated process, as there are many from which to choose. By utilizing breeding values and other valuable information contained in this database, you can simplify the search for the right partner for your mare.

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Enjoy unlimited access to

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It is possible to terminate your membership at of the end of a calendar year. Make sure to do this before the 1st of December. Are you sure you would like to end the KWPN-membership? Then click on the button below, log in and fill in the form. You can also send an e-mail with your membershipnumber and the reason for termination to

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€50,- per year

KWPN Database Subscription

Subscription to the KWPN (Stallion) Database offers numerous benefits:

  • Full access to the KWPN Databases
  • Reliable information
  • Easy Access
  • Complete
  • Up-to-date information
  • The latest breeding values
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€ 115,- per year

KWPN Membership

  • Subscription to the digital KWPN International magazine
  • Participate in KWPN activities
  • Full access to the KWPN Database
  • Register home-bred horses
  • Enjoy unlimited access to
  • Free advertising at KWPN Marketplace
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