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The KWPN uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your hard drive during a visit on our website. In these small files, information regarding your preferences is saved that can be accessed during a later visit to our website. Thanks to these cookies you do not have to fill out the same information again at a later visit.

The KWPN uses various types of cookies:

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    - Functional cookies.
    The KWPN uses functional cookies. These cookies are essential to make function properly. In other words: they are necessary to provide the services requested by you. Functional cookies, for instance, ensure that after having logged in on the website you do not have to log in to every new webpage, and they remember the products you have placed in your shopping cart when you order a product or service via the web shop.
    - Analytics cookies
    The KWPN uses analytics cookies. These cookies help us analyse the way visitors use our website, and enables us, for example, to see which pages are frequently visited and which not so often. This information is used to optimise our website.
    - Permanent cookies
    The KWPN uses permanent cookies. These cookies are used to record your set personal preferences. This way, you do not have to enter your preferences each time or agree with our cookies policy every visit.
    - Tracking cookies
    The KWPN uses tracking cookies. These cookies allow us to track which of our webpages you visit. By using tracking cookies at various sites, we can create a profile of your online surfing behaviour. This profile is not tied to your personal details such as name, address, or email address.
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    - Google Analytics stores cookies from Google. These cookies are used for Google Analytics, a service of Google that allows us to analyse how you use our website. This information is used for optimising our website and enables us to create reports about the usage of our website. Google may disclose this information to third parties if she has a legal obligation to do so. The information is anonymized as much as possible. Also check the Google Privacy Policies.

In order to make optimal use our website, you must accept our cookie policy. You can do so by clicking on the acceptance button. However, this is not mandatory; if you opt-out of our cookie policy, you can also use our website. Though our website shall then not function properly. (Nota bene: pure functional or essential cookies will always be stored when using our website, since they are necessary for the operation of our website.) You can withdraw your consent (regarding all non-pure functional or non-essential cookies) via your web browser at all times.

You can at all times delete or block our cookies. At you find links of browsers where it is explained how you can block or delete cookies. On this page you can also consult our latest cookie statement.

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The KWPN (Studbook of the Royal Dutch Sport Horse) is a Netherlands-based organization specializing in the breeding of jumpers, dressage horses, harness horses, and Gelder horses.

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