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KWPN foal registration in the UK

Due to Brexit, the European (EU) Breeding Regulation no longer applies in the United Kingdom. The Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has drawn up its own rules for studbook societies, breeding groups and their breeding programs. This means that for the time being no foreign studbook horses may be bred in England and that you are not allowed to register your KWPN foals with the KWPN.

What still remains possible is to obtain a studbookpaper of your foal. If you wish to receive this please send us a copy of the first page of the British passport (including the UELN-number / registrationnumber of your foal) and a hair-sample of your foal (please send several strands of mane -  do not cut the mane but pull, we need to have the hairroots of the manes). DNA parentage testing is included in the price.

As soon as there is more clarity about the (im)possibilities of KWPN foal registration in the UK, we will inform you about this. With regard to the rules for Identification & Registration, we recommend that you inquire with the authorities in the United Kingdom.

Foal Registration

Register your foal in a few easy steps and get a passport with it. DNA parentage testing is included in the price. We offer this all for: €148,72 excl. 21% VAT (€179,95 incl. VAT).

Register now:

As a KWPN-member, you can registrate the foal online on My KWPN. 

If you are not a member, you can fill in the foal registration form.

Discount on D-OC for foals!

When you apply for a DNA-OC predicate directly when registering a riding horse foal, you receive a discount of €27,70 (incl. VAT). Costs for requesting a D-OC predicate: €127,05 (incl. 21% VAT).


The letter for foals of 2024 is the letter 'U'.

Breeding certificate or birth declaration from another studbook

If your mare has a breeding certificate or birth declaration from another studbook and you wish to register your foal with the KWPN, please send a copy of the breeding certificate to Upon receipt of the document, we will record your mare’s breeding so that you can register the foal through MY KWPN once it is born.

Foal via embryo transfer (ET) or ICSI

In addition to the regular fertilization of your mare, it is also possible to get a foal from your mare via embryo transfer (ET) or ICSI. Do you have an ET or ICSI foal? You can of course also register these with the KWPN, via My KWPN.

Click on the link below and then on one of the mares under 'My mares' to continue to the form, where you can choose ET or ICSI. The registration rate of an ET or ICSI foal can deviate from the usual rate if no DNA of the mother is known. The additional costs for a DNA test are 77,75 euros (incl. 21% VAT).

Register ET or ICSI Foal via My KWPN

Twin foal

It happens every year, a twin foal. You can register one of the two foals directly via My KWPN. You can register the second foal using the form below.

Register second foal twin birth
€ 124.75 per year

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