KWPN Championships

25 July - 1 August 2024

The KWPN Championships, an event full of sports and breeding revolves around the best KWPN horses. The most beautiful foals, impressive harness horses, outstanding mares, and top talents in dressage and show jumping will come to Ermelo to compete. The dates of the KWPN Events are as following:

  • 25 July - Pavo Cup semi-finals, Ermelo
  • 26 July - National Mare and foal inspection, Ermelo
  • 27 july - Pavo Cup finals, Ermelo
  • 29 July -1 August - Van Santvoort Makelaars Cup, Ermelo
  • 10 August - National Harness Horse Day, Lunteren

All events can be followed live on and!

National Mare and Foal Inspection

The highlight of the inspection season takes place at the KWPN Championships in the form of the National Mare and Foal Inspection. After the Studbook Inspection, the riding-type ster-mares and foals are invited to present themselves at the Central Inspection. This invitation is a great honour for the breeders. Only the best of the Dutch warmblood breeding present themselves during the National Mare and Foal Inspection and from this group the national champions are chosen. The National Mare Inspection is the show window of the Dutch warmblood breeding and 26 July should not be missed by any breeder!

More info about the National Mare and Foal Inspection

Pavo Cup

During the 5 pre-selections, the horses compete for a place in the semifinals. A total of 50 starting places for the four-year-olds, 35 for the five-year-olds and 20 starting places for the six-year-olds are available. After the last pre-selection, a ranking is drawn up and it is announced which horses are highest placed and have been selected for the semi-final.

On top of the above number of starting places, additional participants will be added: approved KWPN stallions, stallions that participate in the stallion selection and horses that participated in the last observation training for the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses. All these horses may participate directly in the semi-final without pre-selection. The best three horses per age category will be ridden in the second final round and judged by a guest rider.

Registration for the pre-selections is possible via the agenda.

Read more about the Pavo Cup

Van Santvoort Makelaars Cup

The Van Santvoort Makelaars Cup - formerly KWPN Championship Young Jumping Horses - offers spectators a look at the very best four-, five-, six- and seven-year-old show jumpers in the Netherlands. The Van Santvoort Makelaars Cup will be held this year from July 29- August 1 2024 at the National Equestrian Center in Ermelo. A fantastic stage for the best show jumpers in the Netherlands.

More about the Van Santvoort Makelaars Cup

First Round Viewing Older Stallions

During the Pavo Cup and the KWPN Championship Young Jumping Horses, older jumper- and dressage stallions (4 to 7 years old) can be presented to the KWPN for approval. Owners who want their stallion to be eligible must register their stallion for the KWPN Championship Young Jumping Horses or Pavo Cup. The designated stallions can then participate in the performance test.

Read more about the First Round Viewing Older Stallions

National Harness Horse Day

Since its inception, National Harness Horse Day has been the ultimate annual celebration for harness horse enthusiasts. To date, National Harness Horse Day boasts the highest attendance of the entire KWPN Championships event. Combining proven tradition with modern innovation, National Harness Horse Day is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

Read more about the NHHD
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