KWPN Championships

12, 14 - 19 augustus 2017


The event

The KWPN Center in Ermelo is the place to be the second week of August! The KWPN Championships, a six-day event full of sports and breeding revolves around the best KWPN horses. The most beautiful foals, impressive harness horses, outstanding mares, and top talents in dressage and show jumping will come to Ermelo to compete in the National Mare Show, the National Foal Cup, the championships for young dressage horses (Pavo Cup),  the championships for young jumpers, the KWPN Championships for driving horses and for eventing horses and of course the National Harness Horse Day.

  • Pavo Cup
  • Championship for Young Jumpers
  • Young Eventing Horses
  • National Mare Inspection
  • National Foal Inspection
  • First Round Viewing Older Stallions
  • National Harness Horse Day

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Pavo Cup

One of the highlights of the KWPN Championships is the battle of the young dressage talents for the Pavo Cup. The talents selected at the provincal Central Inspections will compete in Ermelo for a place in the finals. The top 20 of the four and five-year-olds will be selected for the final. In the six-year-old division the best 15 will come back.

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Championship for Young Jumper Horses

The championship for Young Jumpers (formerly Isah-Cup) takes place during the KWPN Championships in Ermelo. This championship offers the spectators a glance of the best four-, five-, six- and seven-year-old jumpers of the Netherlands. The approved jumper stallions competing against their peers, the biggest Dutch event for breeders is definitely worth your visit.

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Young Eventing Horses

KWPN horses are making impressive inroads as eventers. Even though the eventer is not a specific breeding direction within the KWPN studbook, more and more Dutch bred horses appear to be very talented in the fastest growing discipline of the equestrian world. The KWPN has started up various initiatives to stimulate this trend: the assessment of 4-year-old eventing horses, the KWPN-championship for the 5-year-old eventing horses and the KWPN Eventinghorse Sale in cooperation with Military Boekelo.

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Young Driving Horses

The KWPN Championships in Ermelo also include for the KNHS/KWPN Championship for Young Driving Horses. The purpose of the driving championship is to evaluate the talent of young horses competing as singles. 

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National Mare Inspection

After the Studbook Inspection, the riding-type ster-mares are invited to present themselves at the Central Inspection. The best mares are invited to the National Mare Inspection. From this group of excellent mares the national champions are chosen.

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National Foal Inspection

At the Central Inspections in Holland it is determined which foals can go to the National Foal Inspections which are held during the KWPN Championships. The best foals will compete for the Equimax Foal Cup. On all of the Central Inspections and at the inspections in the UK and USA, there are also inspections for foals.

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First Round Viewing Older Stallions

During the KWPN Championships older stallions between 4- and 7-years old are viewed for approval. The stallions are not evaluated in free movement or free jumping, but only under the saddle and in walk and trot on the hard surface.

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Course for Foreign Visitors

This summer again, especially for foreign visitors, a three-day course will be organized by the KWPN prior to the KWPN Championships at the KWPN center in Ermelo.

During this course various topics will be explained by top KWPN professionals: linear scoring, breeding values, DNA-selection, stallion choices and of course also how to judge a horse and how to train your eye.

During these days participants will also test their newly acquired skills in practice on the young dressage and jumping horses as well as during the Mare Keurings and will receive a certificate by the KWPN. This course is an amazing opportunity for breeding enthusiasts and will get you better acquainted with the KWPN selection procedure.

Participants will have personal assistance by a KWPN official for any help needed during their stay. There will be a KWPN inspector/official available for special questions at all times, during the scheduled sessions.

If wished we can also organize as an extra a private visit to a stallion stud/breeding/training stable. Please inform us which breeding directions interest you so we can make it the best possible match within your interests. Costs for transportation to and from the stable will be added to the price if provided by KWPN.

Course Fee is €899,- per person. The fee includes hotel accommodation with breakfast for two nights, transportation to and from the hotel, lunch and drinks all three days.

Concept program Foreign Visitors Course 2016

  • Wednesday August 10
    • Morning
      • Personal welcome to the KWPN centre, a guided tour around our premises and the KWPN Championships
      • Theory Session – Lesson at KWPN center on selection fundamentals: linear scoring on confirmation, free movement and free jumping
    • Afternoon
      • Lunch
      • Practical Session – Linear score practice with horses under the guidance of a KWPN professional
      • Theory Session – Lesson at KWPN center on selection procedure of KWPN stallions
  • Thursday August 11
    • Morning
      • Practical Session – Scoring practice while watching the top KWPN youngsters of the Netherlands participating in the Isah Cup Finals for jumping
    • Afternoon
      • Lunch
      • Practical Session – Scoring practice while watching the top KWPN youngsters of the Netherlands participating in the Pavo Cup Finals for dressage
      • Theory Session – Lesson at KWPN center on DNA-research and genomic selection used by KWPN
  • Friday August 12
    • Morning
      • Theory Session – Lesson at KWPN center on Selection procedure
    • Afternoon
      • Lunch
      • Practical Session – Scoring practice while watching National KWPN 3-year old mare dressage finalists
      • Practical Session – Scoring practice while watching National KWPN 3-year old mare jumping finalists
      • Evaluation and drinks afterwards

Please join us and share the fun by filling out this sign-up form and sending it to

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us by email to or by phone at +31 (0)341 255 513.

Looking forward to meeting you at the event!


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