At the studbook inspection a mare can be offered for a registration in the studbook. If she complies with the preconditions according to the jury, the mare will be registered in the studbook. By meeting certain requirements for conformation or performance, a mare can be acknowledged with a predicate. Predicates are important indicators for a breeder concerning the quality of their mare.

For the jumping- and dressage-bred mares we have the following predicates: Ster, Keur, PROK, IBOP, EPTM, Elite, D-OC, Sport, Preferent and Prestatie. If a mare has a predicate, this predicate is mentioned on the registration paper.

Studbook inspections are also open to geldings ages three and up competing for the ster predicate. However, geldings and unapproved stallions are not registered in the main studbook.

KWPN-approved stallions are awarded predicates for the outstanding traits they pass on to their offspring. Approved stallions are eligible for the keur and preferent predicates. The stallion selection committee decides if a stallion qualifies for a predicate based on his breeding values.

Predicate registration

If your horse has earned a predicate, then please fill in the online form and send the registration paper to the KWPN-office. If you would like to have the predicate earned by your mare registered to the registration paper of her offspring as well, then please send the offspring’s registration paper along with the other documents. The KWPN advises you to always send the registration papers by recorded delivery.

If your horse earned the predicate during the KWPN inspection or a KWPN performance test, you can also give the registration papers for adjustment to one of the judges.

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