The predicate system of the KWPN is unique in the world: there is no studbook that distinguishes between the qualities of her mares in this way. Each predicate has a different meaning and has different requirements to actually get the predicate. This gives a lot of information to breeders and owners. Choose an option in the menu for more information about predicates mares and predicates geldings and non-approved stallions.

Below we have pictured of the criteria for the predicates. Click on the image for a larger view. 

Roadmap predicates/inspections

Predicate registration

Preference, performance and sport
The preferred status is automatically granted. For saddle horses, the predicate sport is also awarded automatically, provided that the sport performance in the Netherlands has been achieved and is recorded by the KNHS. At the other breeding directions you can apply for the sport predicate when you think that your mare has met the requirements. You can also apply for the performance predicate for all breeding disciplines yourself.
Predicate obtained during inspection
If your horse has earned a predicate at the inspection or during a talent test, you can have this added to the registration certificate. In this case, the secretariat will take your registration certificate and the KWPN will take care of the registration of the predicate.
The predicates that have been awarded are always shown in the KWPN Database with the horse in question.
Passing on the predicate online
Has your horse earned a predicate at any other time or do you think the horse meets the requirements for a predicate, but has it not yet been awarded? Then you can submit the application online and then send the registration certificate and form by post. Click on the orange link below for the next steps.
Would you like the predicate that your mare has earned to be mentioned on the registration certificates of her offspring? Send these registration certificates (of offspring that are in your name) along with it. The KWPN advises you to always send registration certificates by registered mail.
Request a predicate
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