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Each year, the KWPN registers thousands of foals that breeders have been eagerly looking forward to and have high expectations of. Fortunately, the vast majority of foals are healthy, but occasionally a foal is born that has an (eye) defect, whether or not hereditary. The occurrence of abnormalities is not alarming, but a studbook also has the task to monitor the health of the population. For this reason, the KWPN tries to collect as much data as possible of foals that are born with a abnormalities for future research.

Do you have a foal with an abnormality?
When you unexpectedly get a foal with an (eye) abnormality, it is useful to reported this to the KWPN. You can do this by taking a hair sample of the tail or the mane (with hair follicles) and sending it to the KWPN office (in the name of Karin Karlas, De Beek 109, 3852 PL Ermelo) with an accompanying letter containing the information of the foal (name father, mother, mother father) and the nature of the abonormality. Obviously, KWPN treats this information confidentially and uses the data for research purposes only.

Warmblood Fragile Foal Sydrome
Recently, there has been a stir in Europe over a condition in horses that is new to many horse owners and veterinarians; the Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome. This hereditary condition has been known in America for some time. Foals can be born prematurely and/or born with abnormalities. The most important abnormalities in newborn foals are skin abnormalities such as a skin that is too elastic, that easily tears and wounds that "just" arise, and hyperextension of joints. Usually the foals are not viable.

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