Young Horse Competitions


Winners of previous years

Winners KWPN Championship Young Jumping Horses 2023

1. Otazu (Lord Pezi out of Dolores MB by Thunder van de Zuuthoeve, breeder Willem Greve Sportpaarden BV of Markelo) with Martine van den Eijnden
2. Oceanbridge B (Comthago out of issbridge B vb by Freeman VDL, breeder Stal Bakker of Zijldijk) with Sophie Verges
3. Ohlua-Carmen (O'Neill van 't Eigenlo out of Kahlua-Carmen vb sport-spr by F-One USA, breeders M.C.J.M. and F.A.M.M. Burgers of Moergestel) with Yindee van Wanrooij

1. Neelena VDL (Harley VDL out of Welena VDL ster pref prest by Chin Chin, breeder VDL Stud of Bears) with Luke Hill
2. Nelson (Highway M TN out of Fanory elite pref EPTM-spr PROK by Cardento, breeder familie Kuipers of Hengelo) with Renee de Weert
3. Narcos (Balou du Rouet Z out of Valuta van de Heffinck elite sport-spr PROK by Clinton, breeder T. Verberk of Oploo) with Karolina Vasiliauskaite

1. Menoor (Lector van den Bisschop out of Enoor Blue elite IBOP-spr D-OC by Mr. Blue, breeder J.H.M. van Loon of Beek) with Oda Charlotte Lyngvaer
2. Mojo T.N. (Grandorado out of Zoëwie stb-ext D-OC by Lupicor, breeder P.P.W. Kiggen of Ospel) with Kars Bonhof
3. Madora Keizersberg (Scotch On Ice Z out of Isadora vb by Numero Uno, breeder Stal Keizersberg B.V. of Elsendorp) with Johan Klein Zieverink

1. Labelle ES (Mosito van het Hellehof out of Hosanne ES keur pref sport-spr by Kannan, breeder E. Schep of Tull en 't Waal) with Gaj Riossa
2. VDL Legodermus PP (Harley VDL out of Zadermie vb prest by Clinton, breeder H. Poppelaars of Hedikhuizen) met Hessel Hoekstra
3. Labantrix (Eldorado van de Zeshoek out of Abantrix by Abantos, breeder H.L.M. van den Broek of Sevenum) with Renee de Weert 

Winners Blom Cup 2022

1. Nina Quite (Andiamo Semilly out of Cecampione elite IBOP-spr sport-spr PROK by Quite Capitol, breeder C. Kuin of Lepelstraat) with Megan Laseur
2. Lourdes (Catch out of Escada by Cachas, breeder unknown) with Sanna Bergs-Olsson
3. Notate JDV (Jacadello out of Hantate stb-ext PROK by Lamm de Fetan, breeder J. Dresen of Valkenburg) with Stephanie Whitworth

1. Mister SFN (Grandorado TN out of Valery ster pref prest PROK by Haarlem, breeder A.J.G. Lautenschutz of Ruurlo) with Hessel Hoekstra
2. Maximus Quantum Leap (Carrera VDL out of Bolette TH ster PROK by Indoctro, breeder K.B. Huygen of Eemdijk) with Ruben Dario Ramirez
3. Murosa (Zambesi out of Furosa keur sport-spr by Namelus R, breeder T. Verberk of Oploo) with Maxime Thefenne

1. VDL Lightfeet (Arezzo VDL out of Horsinaa keur sport-spr by Indcotro, breeder G. van der Meer of Surhuisterveen) with Alex Gill
2. Liverma (Quickly de Kreisker out of Verma W stb prest by Kojak, breeder J. van Deurzen of Elsendorp) with Johan Klein Zieverink
3. Legend D (Etoulon VDL out of Eurostar reg.A PROK by Dubai, breeder H.J.M. van Dartel of Wijhe) with Lennard de Boer

1. Keep It Cool SSS (Zirocco Blue VDL out of Wyoming-S elite EPTM-spr sport-spr PROK by Corland, breeder E.H. Schoonhoven of Schoonrewoerd) with Michael Greeve
2. Kivinia (I'm Special de Muze out of Favinia ster sport-spr PROK by Calido I, breeder G.J.A. Moerings of Roosendaal) with Bas Moerings
3. Kapitaal L (Cornet Obolensky out of Fenomenaal reg.B by Comme d'Api vd Hacienda Z, breeder J. Laseur of Soest) with Megan Laseur

Winners Blom Cup 2021

1. Mees van de Watermolen (KWPN-stallion, Vannan out of Holinda ster voorl.keur by Carambole, breeder J.W. Greve of Haaksbergen) with Steven Veldhuis
2. Magnifique TS (Grandorado TN out of Corolla TS stb PROK by Air Jordan Z, breeder M.A. ter Schure of Witte Paarden) with Joshua Hutchins
3. Madora Keizersberg (Scotch On Ice Z out of Isadora vb by Numero Uno, breeder Stal Keizersberg B.V. of Elsendorp) with Johan Klein Zieverink

1. Love de Vie
(Grandorado TN out of Eau de Vie by Vigo d'Arsouilles, breeder H.A. van Triest of Elburg) with Matthew Sampson
2. Lambrusco (Entertainer out of Total Touch stb-ext pref prest by Lux, breeder L. Keunen-Hanssen of Linne) with Sophie Hinners
3. Lente (Douglas out of Zoëwie stb-ext D-OC by Lupicor, breeder P.P.W. Kiggen of Ospel) with Alexander Davis

1. Kwik Tweet
(For Pleasure out of Twitter Z by Twisther, breeder G.J.A. Moerings of Roosendaal) with Bas Moerings
2. Kahlua-Carmen (F-One USA out of Gigi-Carmen vb sport-spr by Bacardi VDL, breeders M.C.J.M. and F.A.M.M. Burgers of Moergestel) with Daan van Geel
3. Keep In Mind JB (Berlin out of Bo-Imoo ster PROK by Heartbreaker, breeder J.M. Breukink of Brummen) with Robert Puck

1. Jump Star SIH
(Zirocco Blue VDL out of Georgia-S vb sport-spr PROK by Numero Uno, breeder J. Hiemstra & L. Hiemstra-Bleyie of Drijber) with Matthew Sampson
2. Jagger HX (Ustinov out of Footlose HX keur sport-spr by Bustique, breeder Stal Hendrix of Kessel) with Pieter Keunen
3. Jataki (Jamal vd Heffinck out of Waitina by Waitaki, breeder P. Leenen of Lomm) with Ciaran Dreeling

Winners Blom Cup 2020

1. Lamborghini (Dallas VDL out of Wiske ster sport-spr PROK by Kojak, breeder Testers of Kruisland) with Stijn Testers
2. Love de Vie (Grandorado TN out of Eau de Vie by Vigo d'Arsouilles, breeder H.A. van Triest of Elburg) with Willem Greve
3. Luka-Cara (Akarad Hero Z out of Vera Cara vb prest sport-spr by Casco, breeder H.W.M. Hekking of Raalte) with Rianne Nalis

1. Kardinaal HX
(KWPN-stallion, Don Diablo HX out of Wimette ster sport-spr by Karandasj, breeder Stal Hendrix of Kessel) with Pieter Keunen
2. Kaspar R (Eldorado van de Zeshoek out of Termieque elite prest PROK by Baloubet du Rouet, breeder M. Rietberg of Holten) with Giovanni Romano
3. Kiekeboe VM (Cidane out of Burandot ster IBOP-spr sport-spr PROK D-OC by Contendro II, breeder J. van Meever of Meerkerk) with Kristian Houwen

1. Just Special VK
(Falaise de Muze out of Energy VK stb-ext prest PROK by Toulon, breeder M. van Kleef/Stoeterij van Kleef of Ede) with Doron Kuipers
2. Je Suis Equus Tame (KWPN-approved, Qlassic Bois Margot out of Tame Tame by Quaprice Z, breeder S.N.C. Brohier of St. Come du Mont) with Steven Veldhuis
3. Jilsther (Diamant de Semilly out of Blisther keur prest sport-spr by Farmer, breeder G.J.A. Moerings of Roosendaal) with Bas Moerings

1. Icarus V
(Biscayo out of Carentina by Caretino, breeder M. Verschoor of Haarle) with Ruben Romp
2. Istabraq TCS (Durrant out of Cor de la Crow Z by Crown Z, breeder T. & L. Collins of Boekel) with Sophie Hinners
3. Incanto VDL (KWPN-stallion, Kannan out of Donnalina ster pref PROK by Indoctro, breeder gebr. Lohuis of Nijverdal) with James Billington

Winners Blom Cup 2019

1. Kaiden (KWPN-stallion, Chaman out of Charistia Z by Crawford, breeder A.M. Angenent-de Bruijn of Woubrugge) with Bart Lips
2. Kallas (KWPN-stallion, Dallas VDL out of Fadessa H2 elite IBOP-spr PROK by Quality Time, breeder A.F.W. Holkenborg of Haaksbergen) with Max van de Pol
3. King Blue (Zirocco Blue VDL out of Gonita elite IBOP-spr PROK by Andiamo, breeder J. and G. Hiemstra-Dijkstra of Dronrijp) with Marco Sas

1. Jager
(Numero Uno out of Contiki elite pref sport PROK by Carthago, breeder S.J. Kat BV of Egmond aan den Hoef) with Luca Coata
2. Jesther (Cardento out of Vesther keur prest sport by Guidam, breeder J. Moerings of Oud Gastel) with Bas Moerings
3. Jean Couture (Arezzo VDL out of Douglas ster voorl. keur by Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve, breeder de Radstake B.V. of Varsseveld) with Sophie Hinners

1. Ipsthar (KWPN-stallion, Denzel v’t Meulenhof out of Vestha stb prest by Farmer, breeder J. Moerings of Oud Gastel) with Bas Moerings
2. I.Wellie R 58 (Dexter R out of S.Wellie 12 elite sport-spr PROK by Mermus R, breeder Stal Roelofs of Den Ham) with Rob Heijligers
3. Indigo-Light (Zirocco Blue VDL out of Onlight by Calando I) with Michael Greeve

1. Highway M TN (KWPN-stallion, Eldorado van de Zeshoek out of Zelana PROK by Chellano Z, breeder P. Verdellen of Horst) with Willem Greve
2. Harina Touch W (Untouched out of Carina elite IBOP-spr sport-spr PROK by Larino, breeder J.A.H.M. Wouters oft Hoensbroek) with Dennis van den Brink
3. Hennessy (Eldorado van de Zeshoek out of Cognac ster sport-spr PROK by Verdi, breeder Nobbenhuis of Harbrinkhoek) with Michael Greeve

Winners Blom Cup 2018

1. Jub (Elvis ter Putte out of Bubertha elite EPTM-spr sport-spr PROK by Vigo d'Arsouilles, breeder X.J.M. van Heertum of Liempde) with Ester Blekkink
2. Jamboree TN (KWPN-stallion, Vigo d'Arsouilles out of Belle Amie II S. elite EPTM-spr sport-spr PROK by Carolus II, breeder fam. van Straaten of Den Ham) with Zoï Snels
3. Jappeloup (Calvaro Z out of Fabilous vb by Heartbreaker, breeder W.B.A. Nijhof of Haaksbergen) with Zoï Snels

1. Ipsthar
(KWPN-stallion, Denzel v't Meulenhof out of Vestha stb prest by Farmer, breeder J. Moerings of Oud Gastel) with Bas Moerings
2. I Am (Etoulon VDL out of Extase elite IBOP-spr sport-spr PROK by Vingino, breeder E.A. van Manen of Bennekom) with Sjaak Sleiderink
3. Mylord Lady (Mylord Carthago x Casco, breeder A. Geessink of Groenlo) with Sophie Hinners

1. Hally Berry (Gaillard de la Pomme out of Isabel stb prest by Zeoliet, breeder J.A. Janssen of Merselo) with Joost Martens
2. Hymabalia (Indoctro out of Mabalia NW hvb prest by Starsky de Brix, breeder J. Heins of De Schiphorst) with Bert-Jan Zuidema
3. H.V.R. Halfweg's Hoop (Numero Uno out of Bâm Bâm elite sport-spr D-OC by Cassini II, breeder H.J. Bouwman of IJhorst) with Alex Gill

1. Gogo Karla V (Zirocco Blue VDL out of Bokarla V. elite EPTM-spr PROK by Indoctro, breeder H. Veenstra of Feerwerd) with Willem Greve
2. Gouverneur (Eldorado van de Zeshoek out of W-Newia ster prest by Burggraaf, breeder W. van 't Hul of Zalk) with Remco Been
3. Grandorado TN (KWPN-stallion, Eldorado van de Zeshoek out of Charmieque elite EPTM-spr IBOP-spr sport-spr PROK by Carolus II, breeders D.J. Verhoeven and M. Rietberg of Holten) with Willem Greve

Winners Blom Cup 2017

1. Idagonda (Zirocco Blue VDL out of Degonda elite EPTM-spr PROK by Corland, breeder F. Wetemans of Heythuysen) with Nicole Mestrom
2. Impala SMH (KWPN stallion, Zambesi out of Bybalia SMH keur pref IBOP-spr sport-spr by Cardento, breeder M. Hovenga of Jelsum) with Liza Tiebot
3. Icanta (Andiamo out of Cantate elite EPTM-spr sport-spr PROK by Cantos, breeder J.J. Pen of Wilbertoord) with Christina Kallmert

1. Blom's Hiek'n
 (Falaise de Muze out of Vamosa II elite sport-spr PROK by Matterhorn, breeder fam. J.R. Veninga of Hijken) with Thomas Mertens
2. Henkie-Penkie (Plot-Blue out of Vicky reg.A prest by Orlando, breeder P. Verberne of Sint-Oedenrode) with Pieter Keunen
3. Hasall (Zirocco Blue VDL out of Urona ster by Indoctro, breeder N.H.G. Broeders of Hooge Zwaluwe) with Sander Naber

1. Gloed (Indoctro out of Binosa reg.A IBOP-spr by Quality, breeder J.G.M. Meyer of Dronten) with Timothy Hendrix
2. Graziano (KWPN stallion, Baltic VDL out of Rienaldine ster by Great Pleasure, breeders H. and A. Barenkamp of Ter Apel) with Steven Veldhuis
3. Guppie VDL (Arezzo VDL out of Bellamy vb sport-spr by Cardento, breeder H. Schut of Grootegast) with Lennard de Boer

1. Ferdinand (Viceroy T. out of Solitaire elite sport-spr PROK by Voltaire, breeder T. Olsmeijer of Doorwerth) with Kevin Olsmeijer
2. Farah (Arezzo VDL out of Assa vb by Concorde, breeders A. and W. Wolters and H.C.C.M. Ongering of Groningen) with Kim Emmen
3. Faro (Calvaro Z out of Buratine keur sport-spr by Contendro II, breeder Stal Zielman of Dalfsen) with Willem Greve

Winners Isah Cup 2016

1. Chapeau TN (Clearway out of Vuttion VA by Quintero M. Malva II, breeder Manfred von Allwoerden of Seedorf) with Zoi Snels
2. Hertog II S (Zambesi out of Bijdehandje S II stb ster sport-spr by Burggraaf, breeder Spexgoor Stables of Gaanderen) with Bart Bles
3. Hernandez TN (Kannan out of Bea-Leva sp stb elite IBOP-spr sport-spr by Numero Uno, breeder W. Dekker of Benninbroek) with Zoi Snels

1. Global Express
 (Oriënt Express out of Dame Ricard by Laudaum, breeder E. A. R. L. Haras de la Gisloterie of Calvados) with Lennard de Boer.
2. Garbrant R.T. (Carrera VDL out of Nibalia rp stb keur prest by Nimmerdor, breeder B.L. van der Wijk of Boelenslaan) with Rob Heijligers
3. Girocco-D (Zirocco Blue VDL out of Cindrocto-D sp stb EPTM-spr by Indoctro, breeder K. Duursma of Zuidbroek) with Nicole Botma

1. Flair (Zirocco Blue VDL out of Brandy sp stb ster by Indoctro, breeder A.H.J.M. Kerstens of Etten Leur) with Ruben Romp
2. Florian (Zirocco Blue VDL out of Beyonce P ster sport-spr by Cardento, breeders P.W. Pijnacker & T.F. Pijnacker-Dam of Augsbuurt) with Albert Zoer
3. Feestje B. (Eldorado van de Zeshoek out of Vera Linn B. vb by Kojak, breeder MTS.G. and G.F. Brinkman of Zutphen) with Bjorn Egberink

1. Escapade H (Vingino out of Valesca ster pref prok by Democraat, breeder A. Hendriksen of Bennekom) with Willem Greve
2. Edgar M (Arezzo VDL out of Aramee O.A. stb ster by Marlon M. Ramee, breeder E. Meijer of Den Ham) with Lennard de Boer
3. Everest (Carambole out of Zarina stb-ext pref prok by Indoctro, breeder Henstra and Henstra of Drogeham) with Luc Steeghs

Winners Isah Cup 2015

1. Gringo R (Catoki out of D.Zarah R ster EPTM-spr PROK by Tolan R, breeder Stal Roelofs of Den Ham) with Zoi Snels
2. Gaucho (Verdi out of Ranimora sport-spr by Animo, breeder M.G.A. Aarts of Sint-Oedenrode) with Martine van den Eijnden
3. Girocco-D (Zirocco Blue VDL out of Cindrocto EPTM-spr by Indoctro, breeder K. Duursma of Schoonebeek) with Nicole Botma

1. Florian P (Zirocco Blue VDL out of Beyonce P ster sport-spr by Cardento, breeder P.W. Pijnacker & T.F. Pijnacker-Dam of Augsbuurt) with Albert Zoer
2. Forsyth (KWPN stallion, Carambole out of Tyraja J keur by Voltaire, breeder A. de Jong of Chaam) with Willem Greve
3. Formidable (Carambole out of Rebecca II ster prest by Calvados, breeder H. Zagers of Koekange) with Willem Greve

1. Explosion (Applaus out of Wajuline by Numero Uno, breeder P. Keunen of Venlo) with Simon Schröder
2. Elomas Blue SFN (Mr.Blue out of Aitolona by Tygo, breeder H.A. van der Weide of Riel) with Wout-Jan van der Schans
3. Entertainer (KWPN stallion, Warrant out of Shilvasca Fortuna by Corland, breeder R. Kouwenhoven of Oldemarkt) with Pieter Keunen

1. Davidson (Harley VDL out of Zorina VDL ster by Chin Chin, breeder Waaijstud of Eemnes) with James Billington
2. Dantos HBC (KWPN stallion, Cantos out of Varaya ster by Numero Uno, breeder G.R. Turksema of Roden) with Patrick Lemmen
3. Dy-zento (Zento out of Selien ster by Goodtimes, breeder J. Nederveen of Kallenkote) with Daan van Geel

Winners Isah Cup 2014

1. First Class
 (Amadeus out of Odessa keur by Karandasj, breeder E. Agterhuis of Hattem) with Cristel Kalf
2. Finn (Van Gogh out of Zoë-Vanessa by Sheraton, breeder M. van Hummel of Enschede) with Conor Drain
3. Focus GLN (Clinton out of Whisper GLN elite pref IBOP-(dres) by Burggraaf, breeder G.A.E. M. van der Linden of Vlieren) with Patrick Lemmen

1. Eesebelle 
(Zapatero VDL out of Pureina by Indorado, breeder J.D.C. van Karnebeek of Eesveen) with Joey Lansink
2. Eletta Molino (Van Gogh out of Worania ster PROK by Silverstone, breeder dhr. Brouwer of Born) with Kristian Houwen
3. Earley (Harley VDL out of Zardenta PROK by Indorado, breeder M. van Kollenburg of Best) with Maikel van Mierlo

1. Devlin
 (Van Gogh out of Arwensienne by Indoctro, breeder J. Veldman of Hoogeveen) with Bert Jan Zuidema
2. Dalton (Vaillant out of Winde SP ster by Roven xx, breeder E. Schep of Tull en ‘t Waal) with Bart van der Maat
3. Dokyra Fortuna (Canturano out of Zokyra Fortuna by Quasimodo Z, breeder P. & A.M. Rinkes-Tjeenk Willink of Pesse) with Sjaak Sleiderink

1. Cidane
 (KWPN stallion, Heartbreaker out of Larnike keur pref prest by G.Ramiro Z, breeder G.J.W. Sikes of Venray) with Kristian Houwen
2. Cher V (Clinton out of Tripolie pref prest by Calvados, breeder Gebr. Veldman of Elim) with Bert Jan Zuidema
3. Celebrity VDL (Indoctro out of Versinaa keur by Emilion, breeder G. van der Meer of Surhuisterveen) with Ernesto Canseco Olvera

Winners VION-Cup 2013

1. Broere Extase 
(KWPN stallion, Casall out of Seelotte by Lancer II, breeder E. Schep of Tull en ‘t Waal) with Patrick van der Schans
2. Enett (Wizzerd WV out of Zonett by Eurocommerce Napels, breeder J. Saaltink of Laren) with Doron Kuipers
3. Entertainer (KWPN stallion, Warrant out of Shilavsca Fortuna ster PROK by Corland, breeder R. Kouwenhouven of Oldemarkt) with Pieter Keunen

1. Day Dream 
(Zento out of Wish by Heartbreaker, breeder A. Vos Ekkelkamp of Lemele) with Willem Greve
2. Duvolinus (Uvolinus out of Levista by Levisto, breeder G. Kouwen of Dalfsen) with Bert-Jan Zuidema
3. Dairo (Wittinger VDL out of Vitelle ster by Matterhorn, breeder A. Rodenhuis of Oude Bildtzijl) with Rob Heijligers

1. Cidante 
(Lupicor out of Midante ster by Grandeur, breeder W.L.J. Duijvestijn of ‘s-Gravehage) with Jack Ansems
2. Calimera (Van Gogh out of West Falica ster sport-spr by Perion, breeders M. Leyser of Budel and P. Leijser of Someren) with Marcel Willems 
3. Charmeur (Numero Uno out of Tronia by Emilion, breeder H. Schonewille of Nieuw-Amsterdam) with Wendy Veldman

1. Bronco M
 (Quasimodo Z out of Tyolga by Topas, breeder H. Melgerd of Uitgeest) with Mario Wilson Fernandes
2. Bravo Liefhebber (Colino out of Kabinett elite prest sport-spr by Landon, breeder M. Liefhebber of Hoornaar) with Dave Maarse
3. Bugatti VDL (KWPN stallion, Silverstone out of Uzamieka ster by Indoctro, breeder VDL Stud of Beers) with Marcel de Boer

Winners VION-Cup 2012

1. Den Ham Blue R
 (KWPN stallion, Mr. Blue out of T.Amelusina II stb PROK by Calando I, breeder Stal Roelofs of Den Ham) with Tom Brinkman
2. VDL Groep Spiritivo (KWPN stallion, Indoctro out of Think Twice by Corrado I, breeder Stoeterij Duysel’s Hof of Hoogeloon) with Niclas Parmler
3. Durrant (KWPN stallion, Warrant out of Tanagra stb pref by Voltaire, breeder P. Keunen of Venlo) with Sander Naber

 Chuck (Berlin out of Farjasza ster prest by Jasper, breeder G. Kleinheerenbrink of Schuinesloot) with Anne Martine van Liere
2. Calimera (Van Gogh out of West Falica ster sport-spr by Perion, breeder M. Leyser of Budel and P. Leyser of Someren) with Marcel Willems
3. Chillipepper (Quasimodo Z out of Toloma stb by No Limit, breeder Stal Bessemeind BV of Gilze) with Marcel Willems

1. Belrose
 (Action Breaker out of Mariona stb sport-spr by Equador, breeder D. Nanning of Dalfsen) with Niels Nanning
2. Bibi-Sijgje HS (Verdi out of Rachel stb by Heartbreaker, breeder G.M. Spronk of ‘s Heerenbroek) with Kristian Houwen
3. Bella Meta (Thriomphe de Muze out of Van Meta ster sport-spr PROK by Quick Star, breeder M.G. Kramer vd Meer of Oud-Beijerland) with Siebe Kramer

1. Arc de Triomphe HS
 (Triomphe de Muze out of Una Bella S elite sport-spr by Calvados, breeder fam. Van Straaten of Den Ham) with Frank Schuttert
2. Aberlin (Berlin out of Nicky stb sport-spr by Jorn, breeder A. van de Berg of Overberg) with Julian Kraaij
3. Another Pleasure (For Pleasure out of Nielrite keur by G.Ramiro Z, breeder B. Ellen of Steenwijkerwold) with Robert Vos

Winners VION-Cup 2011

1. Cupido
 (Unaniem out of Winphonie PROK IBOP-spr by Rash R, breeder H. de Roover of Strijbeek) with Mischa Everse
2. Carrera (KWPN stallion, Larino out of Ehrentender ster pref by Contender, breeder A. Florijn of Geesteren) with Richard Kapteijn
3. Collin (Vincenzo out of Valanita elite by Placido, breeder J.W. van Wessel of Zwartebroek) with Hester Klompmaker

 Bestinov (Ustinov out of Sarah Jane by Indorado, breeder B. van Leur of Dedemsvaart) with Pieter Keunen
2. S.L.I. Byron (Concorde out of Ufallon ster by Indoctro, breeder A. Hoorn of Ruinerwold) with Arnold Boerekamps
3. Barrichello (Carolus II out of Jadine keur pref prest sport-spr by Voltaire, breeder E. Dobbinga of Nijkerk) with Wout-Jan van der Schans

1. Arc de Triomphe HS 
(Triomphe de Muze out of Una Bella S elite sport-spr by Calvados, breeder fam. Van Straaten of Den Ham) with Frank Schuttert
2. Ambelina JB (Berlin out of Ruberlina H elite by Corland, breeder J.M. Breukink of Brummen) with Robert Puck
3. Hidalgo (Harley VDL out of Phliegette by Corland, breeder H.C.B.M. Janssen of Grashoek) with Maikel van Mierlo

 (Querlybet Hero out of Carthagena Z by Carthago, breeder M.M.A. Everse of Waddinxveen) with Andrew Ramsay
2. Zara (Lupicor out of Marita keur by Ircolando, breeders C.J. Eijbergen & W.H. van Putten of Amersfoort) with Kevin Olsmeijer
3. Zerlin (Berlin out of Tatjana Bo ster by Concorde, breeder A. de Jong of Wouwse Plantage) with Sander Naber

Winners VION-Cup 2010

1. Boemerrang
 (Namelus R out of Ups-A-Daisy keur by Mermus R, breeder H. de Roover of Strijbeek) with Chantal Regter
2. Born to be Wild (Ustinov out of Jarola prest by Wolfgang, breeder P.J. Amendt of Broekhuizenvorst) with Rob van Bussel
3. Bilion van de Linthorst (Emilion out of Iberlina by Amethist, breeder J. van ‘t Oever of Laag Zuthem) with Leon Kuijpers

1. Always There 
(Indoctro out of Tennesse ster sport-spr PROK by Voltaire, breeder T. & L. Collins of Riethoven) with Camila de Benedicto
2. Sri Aladdin (Quasimodo Z out of Merci by Burggraaf, breeders R.P. Plaisier of Rockanje and A.M. Gillis of Hulten) with Rob Heijligers
3. Chello III VDL (KWPN approved, Contender out of Gracia III by Sandro, breeder D. Hansen of Ottenbeuttel-Westerm GER) with Marcel de Boer

1. Zaragoza
 (Celano out of T.Star by Quick Star, breeder J. Reef of Heeze) with Rob Heijligers
2. Cisco’s Zidane (Lupicor out of Beau Z by Baloubet du Rouet, breeder M. Och-van Harsselaar of Waalre) with Jack Ansems
3. Zadarijke (San Remo out of Radarijke ster sport-spr sport-dres by Havidoff, breeder A.T. Vincentius-Mouthaan of Heesch) with Alexander Vincentius

1. Royal Queen
 (Nassau out of Sarah Leander B by Elton, breeder G. Brinkman of Zutphen) with Dennis van den Brink
2. Wapper (Perion out of Regina by Ircolando, breeder W. Klein Koerkamp of Heeten) with Stephanie van den Brink
3. Whispering Hope (KWPN stallion, Indorado out of Halita sport-spr by Ahorn, breeder A. van Loon of Lunteren) with Willem Greve

Winners VION-Cup 2009

1. Augsburg
 (Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve out of Ultra by Habsburg, breeder R. Bril of Westendorp) with Roelof Bril
2. Arthos R (KWPN stallion, Namelus R out of S.Adermie 2 by Mermus R, breeder Stal Roelofs of Den Ham) with Hendrik Jan
3. Agodinus (Padinus out of Ugonada sport-spr by Acobat II, breeder P. Kersten of Egchel) with Chantal Regter

1. Zirano
 (Indoctro out of Tripolie V by Calvados, breeder Gebr. Veldman of Elim) with Bert-Jan Zuidema
2. Zaragoza (Celano out of T.Star by Quick Star, breeder J. Reef of Heeze) with Rob Heijligers
3. Zalsa HS (Cantos out of Opalia by Henzo, breeder M. Houtzager of Rouveen) with Frank Schuttert

 Windbreaker (Heartbreaker out of Miolieta ster by Farmer, breeders P. Oosterbosch of Wintelre and A. van Hoeflaken of Hedel) with Omer Karaevli
2. Whistler (Sheraton out of Fabiola elite prest sport-dres by Beachboy, breeder A.J.M. Ploegmakers of Beuningen) with Maikel van Mierlo
3. Woods (Kashmir van Schuttershof out of Aracona Nord Z ster PROK by Araconit, breeder Th. van Mensvoort-Appeldoorn of Oisterwijk) with Omer Karaevli

1. Verdi
 (KWPN stallion, Quidam de Revel out of Clarissa by Landgraf I, breeder Veehandel Musterd BV of Hooge Zwaluwe) with Eric van der Vleuten
2. Verona (Odermus R out of Erna keur prest by Maykel, breeder J.H. Hartmann-de Jong of Emmen) with Willem Greve
3. Adermie (Namelus R out of S.Adermie 6 by Cascavelle, breeder Stal Roelofs of Den Ham) with Maikel van der Vleuten

Winners VION-Cup 2008

 Zancara (Pierrot out of Zasjade ster by Joost, breeder H. Westerhof of Surhuizum) with Rob van Bussel
2. Eurocommerce Zürich (KWPN stallion, Berlin out of Tsarina ster by Concorde, breeder A. Florijn of Geesteren) with Tom Brinkman
3. Zorinte (Sam R out of Twinkelstar by Mistral, breeder H. de Haas of Sint-Oedenrode) with Pieter Keunen

 Wironium (Heartbreaker out of Soberlina ster by Manhattan, breeders D.L. & J.H. Reisig of Oostwoud and Mts. Team Nijhof of Geesteren) with Rob Heijligers
2. We’ve Got it Going On (Indoctro out of Riolita keur by Concorde, breeder A. van Hoeflaken of Hedel) with Steven Veldhuis
3. KM Wings (Celano out of T Anubertha 14 by Mermus R, breeder Stal Roelofs of Den Ham) with Jur Vrieling

1. Veldheer
 (Matterhorn out of Irina elite pref prest sport-spr by Burggraaf, breeder B. Wentink of Oentsjerk) with Hans de Vries
2. Bobby (Concorde out of Eamelusiena prest by Joost, breeder Stal Roelofs of Den Ham) with Steven Veldhuis
3. Verdi (KWPN stallion, Quidam de Revel out of Clarissa by Landgraf I, breeder Veehandel Musterd BV of Hooge Zwaluwe) with Maikel van der Vleuten

1. Utah
 (Guidam out of Katoberlina ster prest by Amethist, breeder R.F.G. Zwartjens of Raalte) with Danny Schaper
2. Uvory (Emilion out of Ivory keur sport-spr by Bergerac, breeder J. Heins of De Schiphorst) with Michael Greeve
3. Ubalia (Indoctro out of Mabalia NW by Starsky de Brix, breeder J. Heins of De Schiphorst) with Michael Greeve


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