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Today, KWPN has launched her new online platform. The websites, MY KWPN, the database with a wealth of information and KWPN Marketplace are integrated into one organized online environment with a fresh look. and the websites of the KWPN Stallion Show and KWPN Championships are integrated. With the new platform, KWPN’s primary goal was to optimize her membership services by providing easy navigation and effective functionality.

More convenience and service
Due to the extensive possibilities in the field of (membership) services and marketing, the new online platform offers KWPN a strong foundation for the future. The functionality, easy navigation and the organization of the site are greatly improved. All information is re-organized and forms are made more user-friendly. Members can make use of some new functionalities. The new platform can now also be easily used from a smartphone or tablet. An important improvement is the fact that KWPN members only have to log-in once to perform all actions. From registering a foal to putting your horse on sale at the KWPN Marketplace, all made really easy.

User-friendly and integrated database
The stallion database, including searching for breeding values, has become a part of the fully renewed KWPN Horses database. When searching for horses, one needs to fill in less mandatory fields. Sorting and filtering the results makes using the database really easy. Non-members can now also see the basic information of each horse, but to see all the unique data of these horses, signing-in remains necessary. A log-in is provided to every member of KWPN, but one can also acquire a database subscription, which also provides access to all the data of KWPN Stallions.  

KWPN Marketplace has undergone a facelift as well. By using the easy-to-use filter function, you can easily find the advertisements of your interest and in only a few clicks, your advertisement is online.

Continous improvements
Do you have ideas or tips how to improve the usability of our website even further? Please let us know. You can contact us on or call the KWPN Info desk by calling +31 341-255555.

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