On the basis of the published implementation decision, about 250 active, approved riding horse stallions were, on behalf of the KWPN, examined by the Dr. Van Haeringen Laboratory for the presence of the WFFS gene. These are stallions that had foals registered over the past five years, except for the ones that KWPN knows that they are no longer used for breeding. In addition, the young stallions approved last year and the stallions that can pass the performance test next Saturday were also tested. Ninety-six percent is free of WFFS, ten stallions are carriers of the WFFS gene. Among the carriers are three jumping stallions and seven dressage stallions.

In the KWPN Database the result for each stallion is shown under the public header 'general' and an overview is available on the WFFS page on the website of the KWPN. The Gelder type stallions, harness horse stallions and a few riding horse stallions are still under investigation and these results will follow as soon as possible.

According to scientific publication WFFS is a mutation of a gene. It is possible that this mutation was developed generations ago in a horse that has subsequently passed it on. It is being investigated whether it can be traced back to which horse that was.

From a technical point of view on breeding, stallions that are carriers can still be used for breeding. Their desired genes can still contribute to the KWPN breeding goal. It is not wise to bring two carriers together, because that gives a 25% chance of a foal with the condition WFFS.

KWPN facilitates mare owners who want to have their mare examined. You can contact the info desk of the KWPN via for more information.


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