Due to the measurements taken regarding the coronavirus in the Netherlands, the spring performance test for the Gelder- and riding horse stallions has been postponed until further notice. It is unclear which measurements the government will take in the coming weeks. These circumstances make that it is unsure whether the spring performance test can take place at all.

During the KWPN Stallion Show, a large number of genetically interesting stallions were selected for the performance test, which is the route to approval. In the performance test the stallions are tested on their natural ability for sport, attitude and character. This test is a very important part within the selection. The General Board believes that it will not benefit the breeding if the, in Den Bosch selected, stallions are not allowed to breed this year – subject to veterinary agreement.

Therefore it has been decided to give the, in 2020 selected, Gelder- and riding horse stallions a breeding license for the coming breeding season (end date October 1st 2020). To draw a line for all breeding directions, this breeding license also applies to the harness horse stallions that were selected for the performance test past January. Note: For all stallions the breeding license expires per October 1st: after this they can qualify for approval via the regular performance test.

The owners of the selected stallions can sign up their stallions before the 1st of April via Riding horse stallions should meet the following criteria:

  1. Rating navicular bone in class 1 or 2
  2. Meet requirements roaring and breathing apparatus
  3. Meet quality of semen and testicles

The last two criteria also apply to the Gelder- and harness horse stallions. These breeding directions have no OC-breeding value, therefore Gelder- and harness horse stallions should have the PROK-predicate. Subsequently all these stallions are tested on WFFS.

The stallions that meet the criteria receive a breeding license from the General Board. In the second half of April the KWPN will post an overview of the granted breeding licenses, with mention of the OC-breeding value of the riding horse stallions and the WFFS-state of the riding-, harness and Gelder horse stallions. The offspring of these stallions are registered in the foal book in 2021. With this decision the General Board wants to meet the owners, stallion keepers but also the breeders.

Note: the spring performance test for the harness horse stallions selected in 2019 has been going on for a few weeks now. For the time being, these stallions will do their exam on April 17, most likely without visitors.

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