In the context of blood diversity in dressage horse breeding, since 2018 it is possible to register offspring of KWPN-approved stallions out of purebred Lusitano or PRE mares. The offspring of KWPN-approved stallions out of purebred Lusitano and PRE (Pura Raza Espanola) mares are registered in the KWPN A register. They are then also given a KWPN passport. When they meet the criteria for studbook admission, their offspring can be admitted to the studbook at a later age and become eligible for predicates.

By breeding horses from the combination KWPN stallion x Lusitano/PRE mare, an attempt is made to use the strong characteristics of both breeds (Lusitano and PRE) for dressage horse breeding: both Lusitanos and PREs are known for their natural talent for collecting and their great talent for passage and piaffe.

A group of enthusiastic breeders has now approached the KWPN with the request to also be able to register the foals that are born from their KWPN mares in combination with purebred Lusitano or PRE stallions. This is possible: the offspring of these combinations can currently be registered in the KWPN register B and thus receive a KWPN passport.

In which register a foal is entered is determined by the sire and dam of the foal. Although horses that are registered in Register B are excluded from participating in regular exterior examinations, there are nevertheless several possibilities for Register B horses: they can participate in young horse competitions such as the Blom Cup and the Pavo Cup and are thus also eligible for selection for the World Championships for young dressage horses or show jumpers. It is also possible to offer horses for the various ability tests.

Registered B horses are also eligible for the sport predicate and - based on their offspring - the performance predicate. Register B stallions can - after approval of the General Board - participate in the stallion selection process to qualify for KWPN approval.

To advise breeders about their mares and their choice of stallion, the intention is to organize an informative breeding advice day next spring (depending on the possibilities within the framework of the Corona measures). During an information day to be planned in the fall, we would like to present various crossbreeds, which will be explained by KWPN inspectors on characteristics such as conformation, correctness, and movement. On this day, it is possible to present register A crossbreds (dressage stallion x Lusitano/PRE mare) as well as register B crossbreds (Lusitano/PRE stallion x dressage mare).

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