The KWPN stallion selection is known for its strictness, and only the best stallions are licensed for breeding. These stallions have passed extensive evaluations regarding natural ability, conformation and also good health is of paramount importance. In the coming weeks, we will discuss all the criteria that an approved stallion must fulfil and the purpose of it all. We have asked Wim Versteeg, Senior Inspector stallion selection, to explain how jumper and dressage stallions are selected.

The selection committees for dressage and jumper horses view hundreds of stallions in Ermelo and and a number of them advance to the next round in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. At the first-round viewing, the committees receive ample information about the stallions from the inspection department. Versteeg: “Then they already know the height, test and/or sport results of the dam, granddam and great-granddam, as well as the number of offspring a mare has produced and the number of sport horses among them. The registered party can also provide further information, for example, if a dam has offspring that compete in the sport abroad but aren’t registered with the FEI. If he can submit a sport standing from that country’s sport federation, we verify it and then include it in the stallion’s evaluation.”

The first time that the respective committees view the stallion on hard surface, an inspector will also assess him according to the linear scoring process. “The stallion selection committee also receives these findings. In turn, they take their own notes, which are recorded in the so-called ‘sport book.’ These notes are supplemented at every point in the selection process. For example, the committee awards each stallion points for the three gaits. A dressage horse also gets points for self-carriage, while a jumper is graded on for reflexes, technique and scope. And, of course, each stallion receives a score for conformation,” explains Versteeg. These scores are also used to calculate breeding values.

After the first-round viewing in Ermelo, the committees make the first of three selections: the latter two, known respectively as the second-round viewing and priming, follow at the KWPN Stallion Show in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. At this venue, only the best stallions are granted a ticket to the performance test held at our KWPN Center in Ermelo. In addition to talent for the sport, stallions are selected on correct conformation and temperament.

Next week we will take a closer look into a functional and correct conformation, stay tuned!
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