In the Z/ZZ-Licht-class, four stallions were on the entry list. Jheronimus (s.Dream Boy), Jameson RS2 (s.Blue Hors Zack), Kaygo (s.Capri Sonne Jr.) and GLOCK’s Taminiau (s.GLOCK’s Toto Jr.). GLOCK’s Taminiau once again proved invincible, obtaining an impressive score of 89 points. 

The jury for this competition consisted of Veronique Roerink and Monique Peutz.


The Dream Boy-son Jheronimus (out of A.Bertje ster pref prest PROk by Jazz), bred and registered to W.P.S. van Weert of Beesd, was the first on the order of go. Ridden by Kirsten Brouwer he obtained 78 points in the ZZ-Licht test. “In the trot he obviously has lots of technique and impression”, tells Monique Peutz. For the trot, the stallion receives an 8.5. “The walk is pure, but he could be a little more consistent in the contact”, continues Monique. For the walk, he receives an 8. “In the canter he should become calmer and more relaxed, so today he gets a 7 for the canter”, explains Monique. The submission was awarded a 7.5. The general impression was valued at an 8 by the jury. 

Jameson RS2

The at RS2 Dressage Centre de Horst in Groesbeek registered and by Stal 104 of Wijdewormer bred Jameson RS2 (Blue Hors Zack out of Atilinda M elite pref IBOP-dr D-OC by Negro) was the second stallion to enter the ring. The black stallion secured 82 points in the ZZ-Licht class. “In the trot he showed such lovely parts. He has lots of technique and impression, also in the lateral exercises”, praises Monique. Jameson RS2 scores a whopping 9.5 for his trot. In the walk, the stallion scored a 7. The jury explains that he should be more relaxed int the walk. “The canter is characterised by abundant quality and jump, especially displayed in the extended canter. The changes are incredibly off the ground, but could be slightly more fluent and forward”, says Monique. The canter receives an 8.5. For submission the stallion gets a 7.5 today. According to the jury he had great moments but was also somewhat distracted at times. “A horse with ample quality and possibilities, that still needs to work on relaxation and easiness in the test”, tells the jury when granting an 8,5 for the overall impression. 


Kaygo (Capri Sonne Jr. out of Fila Manda elite sport-dr D-OC, bred and owned by Stal Hexagon of Schore) performed a Z-level test with Thamar Zweistra. The Capri Sonne Jr.-son scored 81 points. What stood out the most according to the jury was the lovely consistent image and frame, always remaining nice contact. “In the trot, the stallion displays a lovely front leg that has a good technique, the hind quarter may be slightly more active at times,” says the jury. An 8 for the trot. The walk was a highlight for the jury thanks to the space and relaxation, for which Kaygo received a solid 9. The canter was awarded a 7.5. The submission and the total impression were valued at an 8. 

GLOCK’s Taminiau

GLOCK’s Taminiau (GLOCK’s Toto Jr. out of Vitamin C elite pref prest PROK by Sandro Hit) also competed in the Z-class. Hans Peter Minderhoud obtained 89 points with the GLOCK’s Toto Jr.-offspring. The stallion is bred by J.W. Holtland of IJsselmuiden and registered at GLOCK HPC NL BV in Oosterbeek. The jury praised the lovely frame throughout the test. “In trot he has lots of technique and already such balance in the lateral movements”, comments the jury. For the trot, the stallion received a strong 9. “The walk started off so relaxed and following the hand nicely, the pace could be a tad slower so the contact will be more still, and his nose will be more forward. Still an 8.5”, continues Monique. About the canter, Monique explains: “The canter stands out in quality, you could see his great ability for collection.” A 9 for the canter of GLOCK’s Taminiau. The submission and overall impression are also valued at a 9. This shiny report card makes GLOCK’s Taminiau the winner of the Z/ZZ-Licht class. 

Photo: DigiShots

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