As one of the first warmblood studbooks, the KWPN has decided to test all active KWPN-approved stallions for WFFS. By publishing the WFFS status of the KWPN-approved stallions, we want to keep breeders optimally informed. Therefore, we have summarized the most frequently asked questions about WFFS for you here.

If my horse is a WFFS carrier, does that also affect its health?
No, as far as we know, this is not the case. Carriers do not seem to have any advantages or disadvantages from the gene. Carriers can be excellent sport horses, who by chance have a deviation on one gene, while the accompanying second gene is good. They do not, as far as known now, have any hindrance of this in their day-to-day life.

What is the risk that my foal has WFFS?
As far as is known now, the condition is determined by one gene. Stallion and mare must both be carriers of this abnormal gene, then 25% of the foals will have the condition WFFS, 50% will be carriers and 25% is ‘WFFS free’.

Is more known about similar disorders within breeding?
Yes, WFFS is similar in terms of inheritance to hydrocephalus and dwarfism in Friesians. Friesians are all being tested nowadays. Carriers can be used for breeding but crossing of carriers is being avoided. Such hereditary defects also occur in cattle, and bulls that are carriers of a hereditary defect can also become breeding bulls. The bull gets a note that he is carrier of a disease, and it is up to the farmer if he wants to use this bull in his breeding program.

Stay tuned because next week we will answer more frequently asked questions! Please click here for more information.

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