As one of the first warmblood studbooks, the KWPN has decided to test all active KWPN-approved stallions for WFFS. By publishing the WFFS status of the KWPN-approved stallions, we want to keep breeders optimally informed. Therefore, we have summarized the most frequently asked questions about WFFS for you here.

Can I still use a stallion who is a WFFS carrier?
Yes, but it is important to combine these stallions with mares that are not carriers themselves. KWPN stallions are approved after a very strict selection and most of the time they are very talented horses from carefully selected dam lines. It would be a shame if breeders would no longer use these stallions for breeding and the talents of these stallions would not be passed on. When a carrier is crossed with a non-carrier, this will never result in an affected foal, for which two carriers are required. However, crossing a carrier with a non-carrier gives a 50% chance of a carrier as a descendant, and a 50% chance of ‘free’ offspring. If the breeder wants to use the offspring of this cross for breeding, it is advisable to test whether this horse is a carrier or not. This way, one will make optimal use of the availability of a DNA test and preserve the favorable characteristics of the stallion for the population.

Should I have my mare tested?
It is always advisable to test broodmares, so that you know whether your mare is a carrier or not. Carriers can be used for breeding, but breeding them to carriers should be avoided. Testing to find out the carrier status is very simple. At the request of the KWPN, a test has recently become available in the Netherlands, at the Van Haeringen Laboratory in Wageningen. You can send a hair sample (with hair follicle) to the Laboratory and usually get the result within ten working days. The test costs €47,80. You can contact the info desk of the KWPN via for more information.

What should I do if my mare tests positive for WFFS?
If your mare is interesting for breeding, you can still use her, but always in combination with a WFFS free stallion so you never risk a sick foal. The offspring from the cross between carrier and non-carrier have 50% chance of being a carrier and a 50% chance of being WFFS-free.

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