The World Championships for Young Breeders is fast approaching. From the 7th until the 9th of July, the National Equestrian Centre is to overflow with young, international breeders. Naturally, this would not be possible without the right support, and this is provided by Horses2Fly. 

Horses2Fly has built an impressive reputation in the horse industry, here you have come to right place if you are in need of air transport of your horse. The company is run by Alex Nijboer and Pascale Drijfhout and distinguishes itself through the worry-free policy they adopt for their clients. Horses2Fly covers the entire process, from quarantine and preparation of the horse for the up-coming trip, to the paperwork and the actual transport. 

Stable to stable

And that was exactly what Alex Nijboer and Pascale Drijfhout had envisioned at the start of their business. Pascale tells: “We concluded that equine international transport should be customer-oriented, and we responded to that. We fly out horses of all ages and sorts, from foals and broodmares to top-level sport horses. Horses are our passion; I know every horse by name and make sure each gets an individually tailored feed and training plan. It is of the essence that the horses are optimally prepared and that’s where our facilities such as the paddocks and walkers come in play. Plus, as a veterinarian I can offer veterinary care whenever it is needed, and the welfare of the horses is my highest priority. Details matter, so we are also keen on the horses looking sharp when they leave, braided, washed and in good shape. Of course, export comes with paperwork and that is often time-consuming and tedious, you must know all the ins and outs, which is also the case for the quarantine rules. However, as our customer you do not need to worry about any of that. We take care of everything, from stable to stable!”

The future belongs to the young

Alex Nijboer explains why he gladly contributes to the now officially named WBFSH World Championship for International Young Breeders powered by Horses2Fly: “The future belongs to the young. We love supporting events for young people to encourage them to pursue sport and breeding. It is incredibly important that they are actively engaged because they are our future too. We are active across the globe and that’s why we believe our business is a good match with this international event that attracts ditto participants and audience.”

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