Online auctioning out of necessity did not do the KWPN Select Sale any harm last year. With two horses exceeding the 100,000 euro mark, high sales figures and a large international reach, the KSS has not lost on popularity. Reason enough to stick to this online format. But with some new faces. Curious about their vision? We asked them.

The Online KWPN Select Sale will take place on Monday evening, 6 February, at

"With great enthusiasm and élan, we have gathered together a new group of professionals who will hopefully bring success to the KWPN Select Sale once again", is Daan Horn enthusiastic. "I am very pleased with these people. They have a lot of know-how, both jumping and dressage." Daan Horn, who is involved in the jumping selection of the KSS, will be supported by Teus van den Brink. For the dressage selection, Nico Witte and Jacques Marée have been recruited. Sjaak van der Lei and Wim Versteeg are also part of the KWPN Select Sale.

Looking for outstanding horses
"By recruiting new people, we hope to reach out to other sellers as well", is Nico Witte clear upfront. "The success of the auction goes with the horses we get offered. Of course, we will do our best to select the better horses." With the new collection in the starting blocks that point seems already succeeded. It also works the other way according to Horn: "If we can propagate that you can successfully auction your horse through the KWPN Select Sale, you will eventually get better horses as well. That is a trade-off; we are going to work hard for this and ensure that the auction horses fetch good prices. We really have a very good and large platform at our disposal."

Online gives more time
Online auctioning the Monday after the KWPN Stallion Show also has an advantage for buyers. "Online auctioning worked very well last year. People get more time to come to a well-considered decision. They can have an additional look at the veterinary reports and photos, and it also gives potential customers the opportunity to get additional advice. So, they come to a more informed opion and by giving them this extra time they are more likely to buy. That extra time gives confidence to buyers", Horn said. Witte adds: "We offer a great, global platform. The online market is very big, which is another reason why we will auction online again. For the sellers, we try to create a reach as big as possible on which the horses can be sold to their new owners. On the other hand, not everyone is waiting to be in the picture as a buyer anymore either."

Collection online
Next Monday, 9 January, the collection will be presented at

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