The foal season is approaching fast. Every year the breeders come up with the most diverse and special names for their youngest additions. Which names were the most popular last year? We dove into our database in search of the ten most common names among the KWPN-registered foals of 2022.

In 2022, nearly 11.500 foals were born. This number is composed of 5200 jumper foals, nearly 5500 dressage foals, nearly 550 harness horse foals and 205 Gelder foals. In 2022, all names had to start with an ‘S’. The letter ‘S’ is also the ‘name’ that was most given during the registration of the foals. When we leave this option aside, we notice hundreds of names. From beautiful original names to slightly peculiar ones. To determine which names were given the most, we left out any possible suffix. 

Sensation most popular

The name Sensation turned out to be the most popular in 2022. It was given to 95 KWPN-registered foals. The prefix ‘So’ was used 244 times last year.

1. Sensation: 95 foals
2. Sunshine: 72 foals
3. Santos: 68 foals
4. Storm: 66 foals
5. Señorita: 61 foals
5. Santiago: 61 foals
7. Salvador: 60 foals
7. Sambuca: 60 foals
9. Showtime: 57 foals
10. Shakira: 51 foals
10. Spirit: 51 foals

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