This week’s Trivia Thursday revolves around the best scoring mares in the harness IBOPs of 2022. In 2021, it was the Eebert-daughter Leetida GK that obtained the best IBOP score of 84 points. Which mares top the 2022 ranking?

Harness horses are asked to perform an individual dressage test in harness during their IBOP test. They must show the three basis gaits and regulations of their stride length and pace. The qualities walk, trot, agility and obedience are evaluated. If an average of a 6 is obtained in the dressage test, the mares enter the arena in groups of two for the show test. The following aspects are assessed: front, posture, suspension, action of the front limb, use of the hind leg, eagerness, and overall impression as a harness horse. The marks for the front, action of the front limb and use of the hind leg are doubled towards the overall score. The maximum score is 100 points, a mare passes when she obtains 75 points or more. 


The top score of 2022 was awarded to the rising five-year-old Niantha (Cizandro out of Fijantha ster by Larix) that was bred by J.P. Ermens of Oploo and is registered to Aris van Manen of Nijkerk, who also presented the mare. At three years of age, Niantha was elected vice-champion of the National Harness Horse Day and claimed an honourable fourth place in the National Final of Greet Bergstra Trophy. In her IBOP she was awarded a 9 for front, three 8,5s and three 8s to earn a total of 84,5 points. She moved with an alluring presence, an effortless trot and a powerful hind leg that stepped well under the body. She has an appealing front limb technique and shows to be very eager, which contributed to an 8,5 for overall impression.


During the alternative IBOP of the studbook inspection in Harich, Nikita (Icellie out of Juliea stb by Stuurboord, bred by J.R. Bosch of Hellendoorn) convinced the inspectors on all accounts, resulting in an 84-point total. The mare was crowned champion of the three-year-old harness horse mares at the 2021 Central Inspection. 


At the studbook inspection in Houten, the 2021 national champion of the three-year-old mares passed the alternative IBOP test with flying colours. This Nalanita ster PROK (Eebert keur out of Caunita ster PROK s.Stuurboord) bred and owned by J.W. van Wessel of Zwartebroek, obtained high marks all around. She was given an 8 for front, posture, suspension, action of the front leg and eagerness, the use of her hind leg was even valued at a 9. Finally, the overall impression as a harness horse was granted an 8,5, bringing the overall score to 83,5 points. 

Would you like to enter your horse in an IBOP? The agenda lists all the IBOP tests that are organised throughout the country. You can sign up either directly through the agenda or via My KWPN. 

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Photo Niantha: Jacob Melissen

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