Which jumper mares obtained the best EPTM scores last year? Find out in this week’s Trivia Thursday!

The EPTM is a popular ability test among various breeders and owners. The EPTM helps to provide insight into the natural talent of a mare for the dressage or jumping sport. It is also possible to let your mare be backed in the two weeks prior to the regular test. Every year, the KWPN Centre hosts multiple EPTM tests. A total of 73 jumper horses passed their aptitude test last year. Among the participating jumper horses, it was Harley VDL (Heartbreaker out of Larthago pref prest sport-spr by Carthago, bred by M. van de Bruggen of Goirle) that was the most recurring sire; he was represented by eight offspring in the EPTM.

Odetta AK

The highest EPTM score of the jumper direction in 2022 was awarded to the Chacoon Blue-daughter Odetta AK (out of Cucaracha ster PROK s.Voltaire, bred and registered to G.J.H. Markhorst – v/d Velde of Brucht). The mare was given 8,5s all around, hence the final score of 85 points. “An alluring and athletic mare that is youthfull and has a great withers. She also received 80 points for her conformation”, explains Marcel Beukers. 

Odylle Minka P

The mare Odylle Minka P (Verdi out of Zsa Zsa de Semilly elite PROK pref prest EPTM-spr sport-spr by Diamant de Semilly, bred by and registered to Pegasus Stables of Bentelo) also obtained 85 points during the same EPTM test. Previously, the mare had obtained 85 points for conformation at the mare inspection. “A complete mare that was declared elite after her test. She jumps with great suppleness in her body, always finishes the jump with a good technique behind and showed abundant athletic ability. She also demonstrated great rideability throughout the test”, lauds KWPN inspector Marcel Beukers. 

Elite predicate

In just a few weeks a young ‘green’ mare that is offered for the EPTM test may return home with both the EPTM and elite predicate. After the EPTM test there is the possibility to participate in the studbook inspection and Central Inspection. Last year, 36 jumper mares became elite via this route. To obtain the elite predicate after passing the EPTM test, a mare must already possess either the D-OC or PROK predicate. If that’s not the case, the mare is promoted to keur. Nine jumper mares were declared keur last year. 

Would you like to enter your horse in an EPTM? The agenda lists all the EPTM tests that are organised throughout the year. You can sign up either directly through the agenda or via My KWPN. 

More information about the EPTM.

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Text: KWPN

Photo Odylle Minka P:

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