For the Trivia Thursday edition of this week, we scoured the database in search of the best EPTM dressage horse of 2022. In 2021, the Secret-daughter Navannah obtained the highest score of 88 points. Which mare claimed top honours in 2022?

The EPTM is a popular ability test among various breeders and owners. The EPTM helps to provide insight into the natural talent of a mare for the dressage or jumping sport. It is also possible to let your mare get saddle broken in the two weeks prior to the regular test. Every year, the KWPN Centre hosts multiple EPTM tests. A total of 54 dressage horses passed their aptitude test last year. Among the participating dressage horses, it was Just Wimphof (De Niro out of Rastede elite pref prest IBOP-dres sport-dres PROK by Riccione, bred by Carla Rienks-Kramer of De Wilgen) that was represented by the highest number of offspring. He sired five mares that participated in an EPTM in 2022, all of which retrieved a passing score. 

Or de Gucci DSD

The best score was awarded to Or de Gucci DSD (Escolar out of Gucci Boa T elite IBOP-dres D-OC by Bretton Woods, bred by/ registered to S. Duinstra of Eastermar). The mare received 84 points in March. “This is a big, well-developed mare with three remarkable gaits. She moves with ample posture and balance”, explains Wim Versteeg. Or de Gucci DSD was declared ster afterwards. 

Oleander GLN

Oleander GN (Desperado out of Isabelle ter Kwincke voorl. Keur PROK D-OC s.Everdale, bred by/registered to G.A.E.M. van der Linden of Vlierden) was promoted to keur after obtaining 81,5 points in the EPTM of October. “This appealing mare showed a very consistent performance. She displayed a beautiful connection and great rideability. The mare had a great technique in trot and boasts an uphill canter. She was awarded an 8,5 for both the canter and rideability”, explains Marcel Beukers. 

Ojelja Okki

Ojelja Okki (Ferguson out of Jarelja Jazou elite sport-dr IBOP-dr PROK by Negro, bred by/registered to P.F. van der Zanden of Haps) also received 81,5 points from the inspectors. “A rectangular mare whose topline could be more muscular, but overall a correct horse. This horse was very cooperative throughout the test and was so willing to work. We granted her trot and rideability an 8,5. Truly a lovely horse. She arrived as a foal book mare with the D-OC predicate and went home as an elite mare”, tells Marcel Beukers. 

Elite predicate

In just a few weeks a young ‘green’ mare that is offered for the EPTM test may return home with both the EPTM and elite predicate. After the EPTM test there is the possibility to participate in the studbook inspection and Central Inspection. Last year, 29 dressage mares were declared elite via this route. To obtain the elite predicate after passing the EPTM test, a mare must already possess either the D-OC or PROK predicate. If that’s not the case, the mare is promoted to keur. Last year, one dressage mare obtained the keur predicate after her EPTM. 

Would you like to enter your horse in an EPTM? The agenda lists all the EPTM tests that are organised throughout the year. You can sign up either directly through the agenda or via My KWPN. 

More information about the EPTM.

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Source: KWPN

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