On the first day of the initial inspection in Ermelo, two older and twenty almost three-year-old jumping stallions received an invitation for the second inspection.

Following the assessment on the track, the evaluation of the older stallions under saddle began. This new entry opportunity earned Poker de Latif (s.Latif V S) an invitation to the second inspection. Additionally, the six-year-old Don Tarpania Z (s.Dominator Z) was designated for the second inspection for older stallions after his presentation on the track. "This stallion has already participated in a stallion competition and will be reassessed in Groningen on January 2nd as part of the second inspection. After that, he can be directly designated for the performance test," explains senior inspector Henk Dirksen.

Complete stallions
For some stallions today, observations on the track, particularly regarding the foundation, hindered a ticket to Den Bosch. "Emotionally, the committee had to make remarks about the foundation more often than usual. Various well-jumping stallions could not be selected for the second inspection as a result," says Dirksen on behalf of the stallion judging committee. "In Den Bosch, the stallions will be re-evaluated for conformation, and in addition to free jumping, the pedigree will also be taken into account. In the initial inspection, this is only looked at in a positive sense, meaning that stallions can get the benefit of the doubt based on their pedigree if they are genetically above average. That happened a few times today, and in addition, some complete stallions appeared in the arena: stallions that have convinced both in terms of conformation and free jumping and are also genetically interesting. So that gives confidence for the rest of the selection process."

View the overview of the selected stallions here

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