The first EPTM round of 2024 concluded today with the awarding of predicates to sixteen mares by Marcel Beukers, Stan Creemers, and Luuk Smetsers. The NMK mare Pooh-Bresco (sired by Eldorado van de Zeshoek) recorded the highest scores, notably receiving a 9 for her reflexes.

Marcel Beukers shared his thoughts afterwards: "We had a somewhat smaller group this time, but that's not unusual early in the year. Mares must be at least 35 months old to participate in the EPTM, so you only see four- and five-year-old horses on the starting list. In the dressage direction, a fine and neat group of seven mares successfully completed their performance. Among the eight successful jumping mares, three scored 80+. Two of these mares we had already seen at the National Mare Keuring in Ermelo. It's great to see these mares presented in a performance test. It's even more satisfying when they live up to the expectations set during free jumping under saddle. Another noteworthy detail was that four horses were bred from a mare that has already produced an approved stallion. Finally, we were able to award the EPTM predicate to one Gelder horse bred mare."

82 points for Pooh-Bresco
The four-year-old Pooh-Bresco (Eldorado van de Zeshoek out of First Buresco) jumped to 82 points, the highest score of the day. The half-sister of the approved stallion Kincsem (by Carrera VDL) caught the eye as a three-year-old at the studbook inspection in Luttenberg and earned an invitation to the NMK. "She's a sharp and very cautious mare, which makes her a bit delicate, but as she relaxes more, she completes the jump better. She's a horse with a lot of quality and impulsion, truly an athletic mare. We gave her a 9 for her reflexes and an 8.5 for her technique and power," Marcel Beukers enthusiastically explained. The mare was also promoted to elite status after receiving the EPTM predicate.

80.5 points for Zirocco Blue daughter
The mare Zaylinn SVU Z (Zirocco Blue VDL out of Fetura Faventia) scored 80.5 points in the exam and was provisionally declared keur after receiving 75 points for exterior at the subsequent studbook inspection. "She's a generously developed mare with a good rectangular model and well-muscled. This horse moves very nicely and especially has a good canter with a lot of balance. She occasionally struggles with contact, but she's careful over the jump and shows good use of her body and a lot of athletic ability. That's why we gave her an 8.5 for power," Marcel Beukers said.

Success in Ermelo for Invictus Horses once again
Pieper van Invictus (Chacfly out of Blessings From Second Life Z) received an 80-point score in the exam, adding the keur predicate to her achievements. "This mare canters very functionally and lightly. She's very careful over the jump and shows a lot of power, but she could take a bit more time."

Princess van de Wimphof
In the dressage direction, a mare bred from a stallion mother also succeeded: Princess van de Wimphof (Escamillo out of Rastede). The sister of Just Wimphof and O'Toto van de Wimphof received 79 points for her performance. "This mare has a lot of action in her legs and a nice use of the foreleg," said Marcel Beukers. Piani (by Lennox U.S. out of Dancing Girl) achieved a total of 78 points in the exam and was promoted to elite after receiving 80 points for exterior at the subsequent studbook inspection. "Lennox U.S. always shows a nice posture and a functional way of moving."

Gelder horse mare Patty van VB becomes elite
The Gelder horse registered mare Patty (by Bodinus) was the fourth mare today to follow a successful performance at the KWPN Center after having an approved brother. Her dam Hacomijn also produced the Gelder stallion Obrian, and today she adds an elite mare to her list of accomplishments. "This mare was initially a bit tense, but she became easier to ride during the test and showed good progress. She moves with a lot of reach and good technique. In jumping, she wants to be careful and shows good overview. Additionally, she's an appealing mare with a good rectangular model and sufficiently matches the Gelderland type. With a total of 75.5 points and 75 points for exterior, she was promoted to keur and, thanks to the PROK predicate, can now also be called elite," Marcel Beukers concluded.

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