The KWPN-NA-bred Koning DG has been approved by KWPN. The son of Bordeaux was bred in America and as a foal registered at KWPN-NA. He has since met the requirements to also be registered as a KWPN stallion.

Koning DG underwent an IBOP as a three and four-year-old, receiving a score of 85.5 points in 2019. After meeting the veterinary requirements, the stallion received his breeding license for KWPN-NA. In 2019 he was the champion in the North American Stallion Sport Test (NASST). Koning DG is now competing in Prix St. Georges, lately achieving a score of 73.6%.

The Bordeaux son Koning DG is out of the Jazz daughter Darcy CL, who received 70 points for confirmation and 85 points for movement at a studbook inspection in the Netherlands. In America, this keur mare scored 84 points at an IBOP and competed in the Small Tour. Grandmother Princes Lincom (s.Junior STV) competed in the Small Tour herself and is the dam of the Grand Prix horse Worker CL. This lineage also includes (international) Grand Prix horses such as Chopin C.L. (s.Dayano), Fleetwood Mac CL (s.Gribald), and Chuppy Checker CL (s.Osmium).

In 2022, thirteen offspring were evaluated during the KWPN-NA inspection. Koning DG presented a collection of offspring with good to very good development. Their forehands are well-formed, although occasionally the head is a bit long. The toplines are well-formed, and the hind legs vary slightly in conformation. The horses generally have well-developed and correctly positioned confirmation. They move correctly with good space, posture, and use of the hind leg, demonstrating agility. Their walk is tactful, with sufficient space and use of the body.

Several offspring of Koning DG have achieved notable results. From the first generation of his descendants, three foals received a first premium, and Odessa DG was the dressage foal champion, placing sixth at the national inspection. In 2021, three offspring placed in the top 3 in the KWPN-NA Virtual Foal Futurity. The following year, Sultan DG, Rockefeller HF, and Pharoah DG were champions at the KWPN-NA inspection. In 2023, multiple offspring achieved impressive results in the IBOP and the DG Bar Cup. Pharaoh DG is licensed and scored 88.5 points in the DG Bar Cup, Odessa DG achieved 81,5 points and Paradigm 80,5 points. In the DG Bar Cup all of his offspring scored an 8 or higher for their gaits.

KWPN-NA approval
Stallions with a breeding license from KWPN-NA are eligible for approval by KWPN. This requires the stallion to be at least seven years old and have sports results (at least Small Tour or 1.40m level) that are significant for their age. The approval process continues with an evaluation of at least ten offspring. This is followed by an assessment of conformation and correctness by a KWPN inspector. The final step is a five-day character test at an independent test center selected by KWPN-NA.

Additional requirements
Koning DG has met the required veterinary standards. He has a D-OC genome breeding value of 99. No abnormalities were observed during the stable behaviour assessment. The stallion is not a carrier of the WFFS gene.

Source: KWPN
Photo: Lizz van Woerden*

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