The new crop of dressage stallions is exceptionally promising. After 33 stallions were selected for the performance test in Den Bosch last year, this year there were no fewer than 46. The quality across the board is striking, and there is much to be expected from this young generation in terms of variety and bloodlines. In addition to 44 three-year-old dressage stallions, the successful Small Tour stallion Vaderland and Pavo Cup winner Everest are allowed to participate in the test in Ermelo.

The stallion selection committee, consisting of Johan Hamminga, Wouter Plaizier, and this year's chairman Bart Bax for the first time, had an interesting group of stallions to assess in the second viewing. Out of the 97 presented stallions, they were able to extend invitations to 46 for the performance tests. Moreover, the five most complete stallions also earned a premium.

Pure and in balance
In the presentation of the dressage premium stallions powered by Knegt, it was a reunion with a group of five stallions that convinced in terms of conformation, movement, and pedigree. "We have been able to select a couple of very complete stallions, and considering the bloodlines and the variation thereof, we have every reason to look forward with confidence to the performance test," said chairman Bart Bax. "The line that we set out in the first viewing, we have been able to maintain well here in Den Bosch, resulting in a nice number of 46 stallions. We are never led by numbers, but it is characteristic of the good quality across the board. Of course, we have given some stallions the benefit of the doubt, but the majority of the stallions have impressed us both in Ermelo and Den Bosch. In Den Bosch, we also took the pedigree into account in our decision-making process." Bart Bax also looks back with a good feeling on his debut as chairman. "It is always exciting to fulfil such a new role, and I am very happy with the experiences I have gained over the past seven, eight years as an inspector for the mares. That has certainly helped me, not least to document all the information well so that we, as a committee, could come well-prepared. In addition, we have been able to work together very nicely as a team and committee, and we were on the same page. We tried to select stallions with three good basic gaits, focusing on purity in the walk and balance and bend in the hind leg in the canter. Experience teaches us that the walk and canter are not always easy to judge at liberty, so we gave some stallions the benefit of the doubt if purity and balance were present. It's a cliché but it's the truth: the biggest test will take place in the performance test."

Premium stallions
Stallion owner Gertjan van Olst had a very successful edition of the KWPN Stallion Show and had two stallions selected. Out of a total of three selected Glamourdale sons, Rayano (out of Kalista elite IBOP-dres D-OC by Cum Laude, breeder H. Verthriest) made it to a premium stallion. "This long-lined stallion has a lot of presence and a good wither/shoulder area. In movement, he stands out with his very strong use of the hind legs. In canter, he has a lot of balance and impulsion, and can easily change." Additionally, his mother Kalista was well tested with 82.5 points, receiving nines for her trot and rideability. Subsequently, this top talent was sold as the top auction seller for €130,000 in the KWPN Select Sale, remaining in Dutch hands. Like Glamourdale, Van Olst's stallion Lantanas also had three sons selected, including the premium-selected Rumble VDK (out of Cantasia ster pref PROK by Negro, breeders H.R.J. Vorselen) from Van Olst Horses and Domoplan from Brno-Mesto. His mother is a half-sister to the Small Tour horses Esprit (s.Epikur) and Aniko (s.Negro) as well as the Intermediaire II horse D’Angelo (s.Zucchero) owned by Petra van Esch. This is also the damline of the KWPN-approved stallions Just Wimphof (s.De Niro) and O’Toto van de Wimphof (s.Glock's Toto Jr.) and the Grand Prix horse Dolcetto-O (s.Sandreo). "Rumble VDK is an athletically modelled stallion with strong connections. He excels with his good use of the hind legs in all three basic gaits, and doesn't need speed, moving with a lot of impulsion." Also selected was Rockstar Millionaire (s.D’Avie out of Santana van Hof Olympia elite sport-dres pref PROK D-OC by Sandro Hit) bred by Rebecca Dudley and co-registered Yvon Kaptein and MT Stables. "This elegant stallion made a big impression with his good impulsion and leg technique in movement. With a lot of power and bending in the joints, he impressed every round anew." His father D’Avie won the World Championship for young dressage horses twice and now shines at the highest level, while his mother Santana van Hof Olympia competed at ZZ-Licht level. She also produced a ZZ-Zwaar dressage horse and is a sister to several successful sport horses, including the Grand Prix horse Sintano van Hof Olympia ridden by Gareth Hughes and the KWPN-approved stallion Santano. This premium stallion shares the same grandmother as the Grand Prix horses Davos (s.Jazz) and Edmonton (s.Jazz).

Van Uytert
Stallion owner Joop van Uytert also had the opportunity to step forward twice during the presentation of the premium stallion. Firstly, thanks to the selection of Rohan (Jameson RS2 out of Hera keur IBOP-dres sport-dres by Easy Game, breeder Stables Lisman International), which he co-owns with John Tijssen. "This strongly and upwardly built stallion convinced time and again with his good posture and balance in movement." Mother Hera performed at ZZ-Heavy level and Rohan shares the same grandmother as the KWPN-approved Grand Prix stallion and top sire Bordeaux (s.United), who was also bred by the Lisman family and was declared champion at the stallion selection at the age of three. Father Jameson RS2 had three sons selected from his second crop. Committee member Johan Hamminga commented on this: "Last year, we were able to approve a very talented son of Jameson RS2, the registered Proud James with 91 points, and this year, his sons left a good impression. The sons from his second crop have good presence and seem to be able to walk well, something his father initially struggled with." The Small Tour stallion Vaderland had two sons move on to the performance test, including the premium-selected Rome USB (out of Halina ster prok D-OC by Zambuka, breeder S.D.M. Beckers) from Stal Brouwer and Joop van Uytert. "This is a very elegant stallion with a very appealing front and a lot of presence. He moves with a lot of bend in the joints and can switch well in movement. In doing so, he shows a lot of power and impulsion." He comes from a versatile sport damline.

Next to premium stallion Rome USB, Vaderland (Vitalis out of Vechta ster by Krack C), bred by Eugène Reesink, himself appeared in Den Bosch. Dinja van Liere presented this eight-year-old Small Tour stallion under saddle, earning him an invitation for the five-day character assessment. "Vaderland performs admirably in sport himself, and between the first and second inspections, we viewed about ten of his offspring. He is a well-developed stallion with an appealing front end and shows a lot of potential for higher-level work. His uniformly collected offspring have a correct foundation and topline, and it was also noticeable that Vaderland's offspring have calm temperaments. Sufficient reason to select Vaderland for the shortened performance test." Vaderland's dam, when crossed with Charmeur, produced the international Grand Prix horse Impressive VDC ridden by Sarah Millis. In Ermelo, Vaderland can also be accompanied by his selected son Raf KL (out of Kolinda KL ster IBOP-dres by Ferdeaux), bred by Jeroen Korsten and Ron Lunenburg and co-registered with Peter Wetzelaer and Leonie Bos. This well-constructed stallion with good front-end moves with good space, rhythm, and looseness. Pavo Cup winner Vaderland is not the only older selected stallion this year; the six-year-old Everest (Especial out of Fresia ster PROK by Negro) bred by Van Olst Horses is also expected in the performance test. This remarkably performing grey won the Pavo Cup for five-year-olds last year and competed at the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses under Phoebe Peters. He is also a full brother to the Intermediaire II horse Jardin/Evegro ridden by Lotje Schoots and comes from a strong dressage lineage. His dam Fresia is a full sister to the Olympic dressage horse Elegance ridden by Beatriz Ferrer-Salat, and grandmother Reina (s.Monaco) competed at Small Tour level. In addition to his strong pedigree and promising start in sport, the grey stallion Everest also impresses with his strong build, good front end, correct foundation, and good leg technique in movement.

Van Olst influence
World Champion Glamourdale, in addition to premium stallion Rayano, also had sons Radboud van de Anjershof (out of Esta elite EPTM-dres pref PROK by Zhivago, bred by B.H. Harms) and Romero RDS (out of Zakiyah elite sport-dres PROK by Jazz, bred by D.M.L. Stoop-Collombon) selected. Through his stallion Lantanas, who had three sons selected from his second crop, Gertjan van Olst made his mark as a stallion owner on this new crop. In addition to premium stallion Rumble VDK, Ramblas (out of Kailani ster by Glamourdale, bred by C. van de Laar) and Romeo (out of All Right stb PROK by Jazz, bred by A.M. de Mol) are allowed to participate in the performance test. Gertjan van Olst is listed as the owner of both stallions and co-owns Romeo with Bart Jansen. "Lantanas has made a promising start as a sire. Of course, it all still has to happen with his offspring, but it's noteworthy that we have been able to select several good sons from a limited number of offspring. He seems to produce nice, sharp horses and could therefore be a welcome addition to breeding," praised committee member Johan Hamminga the stallion after the stallion inspection.

First crop
As a sire, the Dream Boy son Blue Hors Monte Carlo TC made a convincing impression as well. From his first crop, he had Royal Edition A (out of Hot Shot A elite sport-dres PROK D-OC by Florencio, bred by Yvonne Ackermans) from Joop van Uytert and Blue Hors, and the genetically interesting Red Spirit (out of Missy keur EPTM-dres by Daily Diamond) from breeder Eef ten Bosch selected. From his first crop, the Small Tour stallion Las Vegas had two sons selected. Richwood X (out of Jolandora elite IBOP-dres D-OC by Apache, bred by E.P.J. Teurlinx) from Nico Witte and Anchor Excellent Horses is a upwardly built stallion with a lot of presence. The also-descendant of Las Vegas, Ramiera-de J (out of Fleuria-O by Don Gregory, bred by A.W.C. de Jong) from Martien and Frans Burgers, comes from a half-sister to the Grand Prix horse Sandro's Success (s.Sandro Hit) and his grandmother Fabelia is a half-sister to the international Grand Prix horses Finlanderin (s.Fidertanz) and Ferrera (s.Sandro Hit). Another flagship of this direct Hanoverian dam line is the Grand Prix sport and breeding stallion Blue Hors Don Schufro (s.Donnerhall). This interestingly bred selected stallion stands out with his good model, foreleg use, posture, and leg technique in movement.

Three from Jameson RS2
From the second crop of the Small Tour stallion and former stallion selection champion Jameson RS2, in addition to premium stallion Rohan, he also had Rhodos Ro (out of NMK-merrie Khitney-Divette B elite IBOP-dres D-OC by Jazz, bred by R.W.F.M. Oosterbosch) from C. van Heukelen and Raece's (out of La Diva Corieta Texel ster IBOP-dres sport-dres PROK by Glock's Toto Jr.) from breeder Dressuurstal 't Achterland selected for the performance test. The prematurely deceased sire Ferguson had two sons selected. Firstly, Robin des Bois (out of Cinderella Platinum elite EPTM-dres pref prest PROK by Vivaldi, bred by J. Nanning) from co-breeder Kirsten Brouwer and Rosanne from R&R Sporthorses. Also selected was Ritmo de la Noche (Ferguson out of Hasara-Maria M elite sport-dres D-OC by Bretton Woods) from breeders Rom Vermunt and Harld and Jeannette Bruinier. The Ferguson son First Lewis produced the selected stallion Right On Time (out of Swarovski by San Dior) from Hengstenhouderij De IJzeren Man from a limited number of covers. He has a low relatedness to the KWPN population and is therefore also interesting to test in the context of blood dispersion.

Light movement
Niels Bax and Björn van Kessel from Hengstenhouderij De IJzeren Man selected the promising Rebellion (Vivino out of Just Me elite IBOP-dres D-OC by Negro) from breeder A.S. Sargent. Committee chairman Bart Bax was replaced by Arie Hamoen in the evaluation of the stallions associated with his brother Niels, both in the first and second inspections. The Dynamic Dream son Dream Dynasty TF (out of Rudilore Victoria by Vitalis, bred by A.S. Sargent) from Chris von Martels may also participate in the performance test. With two selected sons, the former champion stallion Le Formidable was also well represented. His son Renoir (out of Jamaica elite PROK by Blue Hors Zack, bred by J. Muilwijk) from E.C.R. and M.A.J. Bakker trots with good print and leg technique, and canters with balance. The also-descendant of Le Formidable, Ready to Rumble (out of Eos-Utopia elite IBOP-dres pref PROK by Ampère, bred by Rik van Gils) from Saskia Poel comes from an excellently tested dam, this is also the lineage of Hexagons Ich Weiss.

Two from Kjento
Two sons of double World Champion Kjento are also allowed to participate in the performance test. The talented Reijrink's Revolution (out of Aronia elite IBOP-dres pref prest PROK by Rousseau, bred by Willem and Karin Reijrink) from Gertjan van Olst is one of them. Also selected is Rishano Fornaio (Kjento out of Annabellarosa ster by Rousseau, bred by G.A. Bakker) from Van Olst Horses, which is bred from a half-sister to the international Grand Prix horse Mauro B (s.Investment) from Isabella Willibald. Top sire Bordeaux had sons Rock And Roll-L (out of Jade-Sarina ster IBOP-dres PROK by Wynton, bred by G.B.J. Lansink) from Rom Vermunt, who has the same grandmother as the KWPN-approved stallion Blue Hors Kingston (s.Glock's Toto Jr.), and Ruig (out of Grand Cru KF elite sport-dres PROK by Jazz, bred by Margot Kostelijk) from Diederik van Silfhout, Nikay van Duren, and Quinty Vossers selected. Bordeaux has developed into a first-class supplier of Grand Prix horses in breeding and is listed in the top ten of the WBFSH sire ranking for good reason.

Wetzelaer and Bos
From a mother proven all around, who even had two sons walking in Den Bosch this year, comes the selected Ribéry V.D.T. (Don Juan de Hus out of NMK champion Velvet V.D.T. elite pref prest D-OC by Ferro) from breeder Ad van de Tillaart and co-registered Peter Wetzelaer and Leonie Bos. Owners Peter Wetzelaer and Leonie Bos, in addition to Ribéry V.D.T. and premium stallion Raf KL (by Vaderland), also had their stallion Rico (Ibiza out of J'Adore elite IBOP-dres sport-dres PROK by Apache), co-owned with breeder M. van Grinsven and Piet Kuijpers, selected. As a fourth success, Peter Wetzelaer and Leonie Bos had their self-bred Secret son Raoul (out of Kierava stb PROK by Negro) selected.

Multiple trumps
Also descending from Secret is the selected stallion Sarai L (out of For Real L by For Romance) from breeder L Horses from Skanderborg and co-registered Peter van de Sande. He has a low relatedness to the KWPN population. This stallion, bred from a Danish dam line, showed a natural performance and moved with a lot of leg technique and lightness without any bluster. The same breeder/owner combination of L Horses and Stal Van de Sande also had Magic McKee L (Total McLaren out of N-Jou L by Negro) designated, bred from a versatile lineage. Peter van de Sande also had his self-bred Roubaix ter Selle S (For Ferrero out of Silberaster by Sandro Hit), co-owned with co-breeder Stal Ter Selle, designated. His dam won the BundesChampionat twice and also secured the bronze medal at the World Championship for five-year-old dressage horses in 2008.

Good lineages
Also very interestingly bred is the Romanov Blue Hors son Roebel (out of Forsytha BH ster PROK by Sir Donnerhall I) from breeder Marijke Miltenburg and co-owner Egbert Schep. This stallion comes from a half-sister to the international Grand Prix horse Zygrande le Coupied (s.Krack C) from Ceylan Avinal, and his mother Forsytha BH is a full sister to the Small Tour horse Kroonjuweel BH. Also from a proven dam line comes the designated stallion Rocky H (Just Wimphof out of Juweelvrouwe ster IBOP-dres D-OC by Negro, breeders Marianne Hendriksen-de Rijk and XS 2 Horses) from Joop van Uytert and M. Heilig.

Good impression
The selected Racoon Ave (Vitalis out of Keramiek elite IBOP-dres D-OC by Governor) from breeders A.J. Smelt and Adri van Erp comes from a mother tested with 80 points. His mother Keramiek is a half-sister to the Small Tour horse Hilltop (s.Chagall D&R) and the promising Montrachet (by Glock's Toto Jr.), who participated in the World Championships for young dressage horses in 2022. Yvon Kaptein bred the selected stallion Risky Business (Koning out of Iris elite IBOP-dres PROK by Desperado) and, along with premium stallion Rockstar Millionaire (s.D'Avie), has a second asset in hand for the performance test. Kim Vugts bred from a half-sister of the KWPN-approved stallion Pina Colada (s.Governor) her selected stallion Radler Bloemendael (Total Hope out of the NMK mare Hienola M elite IBOP-dres PROK by Florencio).

Zelma lineage
The new crop also offers interesting possibilities in terms of blood dispersion. For example, with the selected Gotcha-Utopia son Raikonen SD (out of Why Me Zelma ster IBOP-dres sport-dres PROK by Disconto, breeders Steane Hamer-Dijkslag) from Martin and André van Norel. From the same Zelma lineage comes also the selected Rockiezelma (Kaygo out of Kiekiezelma ster by Expression, breeder J.G. Smits) from the Van Norel family. A low relatedness to the KWPN population also has, among others, the unnamed Dancier Gold son (out of Daisy by Desperados, breeder Hermann Haferkamp) from Van Olst Horses. Also, Gerrel Vink's unnamed stallion from Taurus (out of Lola Rennt by Lauries Crusador xx, breeder Eibe Johanns) has a low relatedness. This appealing stallion has a lot of power and balance in movement. He showed a beautiful natural performance, with a lot of calmness in his movement form. In the context of blood dispersion, Brise (Bonds out of Raja by Vivaldi, breeder Söhnel) from G.V. Sydorenko is also interesting to test. The new generation seems convincing both in terms of quality and quantity, which is a good starting point for the upcoming performance tests.

Text: Jenneke Smit
Photo Rohan: Dirk Caremans

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